ZIP to ZEN at Sundance!

By Active Alyssa Mar 3, 2017
Not every adrenaline rush is reached at ski level. If your looking for something more, try soaring high over Sundance Mountain Resort for 3,870 feet worth of breath taking views! Controlling your speed, or letting yourself fly over 65 miles an hour, the Winter Zip line tour will get your heart racing!
ZIP to ZEN at Sundance!

If you are seeking greater heights for your next adrenaline rush, then the Sundance ZipTour should be at the top of your bucket list! 

With a 2,100 foot vertical drop, the winter ZipTour at Sundance has the most vertical drop of any other ZipTour tour in the USA! Taking third place in the longest zip line, traveling 3,870 feet after being safely harnessed of course! You have the control to charge full speed over 65 miles an hour, or take it slow and enjoy the surrounding views of the Timpanogos Mountains. Either way, it's a fun and exciting experience! Watch below for a glimpse of how you can Fly!    

So you're definitely interested now, right? If you are having a hard time deciding between skiing or zipping on your next trip to Sundance, you can put an end to the debate right now. Get your morning turns in on the slopes, then soar into the afternoon on the Outlaw Span ZipTour! Sundance offers a Ski and Zip package for only $99! There is a high chance you'll have a blast on the Zip line, and want to do it again and lucky for you, there is a "bounce back add-on" for only $15! It will be hard to pass that up, so reserve your flight ASAP!

After you reach your adrenaline limit for the day, you'll be ready to zen out around the Sundance village. There are many relaxing options that are unique to Sundance. The Yoga Yurt offers an hour long yoga class daily at 5:30 p.m., which is a perfect way to release tension after a day of ripping and zipping! 

The Spa at Sundance is also a wonderful way to wind down. Massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures at the Spa are all herbal, hydrating, and healing. The nature-inspired remedies provide wellness options to restore inner balance and peace. If soaking in the scenery from the zip line wasn't enough, take a nature walk around the Sundance Village where you can stroll over beautiful bridges, by waterfalls, and through the woods. Ending back at the resort base, there is a fire to cozy up around as the sun goes down. I always end a day at Sundance feeling refreshed and thankful for another blessed day!

~XOXO, Bring on the SNOW!