Compass Rose Lodge

Compass Rose Lodge


Phone Number (385) 279-4460
Minutes from Snowbasin and Powder Mountain, Compass Rose Lodge is the perfect lodging for your next ski vacation. Experience the fullest of Ogden Valley with unique accommodations and nearby food.

Compass Rose Lodge offers 15 beautifully-appointed king and queen bedrooms with the premium furnishings for those wishing to visit beautiful Huntsville. Creators, Jeff and Bonnie Hyde, blending historic and modern elements, have drawn inspiration from Ogden Valley's agricultural and industrious heritage to craft a one-of-kind farmhouse experience which will wrap its arms around you. With steam-punk elements and modern amenities, you won't forget you're still in the twenty first century during your stay.

Compass Rose Lodge could not be positioned in a better setting to enjoy each season to the fullest. With a wide variety of activities available nearby including skiing, hiking, biking, paddle boarding and golfing, you will not fall short while planning your things-to-do list during your stay. After a long day of activity, we invite guests to return to Huntsville Square for some of Ogden Valley's finest food options including the breakfast at Blue Coyote and dinner at Shooting Star.

With inviting indoor and outdoor common areas, as well as event spaces, Compass Rose is the perfect venue for relaxing couples retreats, adventurous vacations, and even small business summits.

The onsite Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory (HALO) is one for the memory books as one of the only hotel observatories of its kind in an easily-accessible downtown setting. Lodge guests will be able to view neighboring celestial bodies with great detail such as the rings of Saturn or Jupiter's Galilean Moons. Views of spectacular deep sky objects including galaxies, nebulae, and globular clusters await those wishing to peer farther into the heavens.

First Lift Coffee caters to both early birds en route to the mountains, as well as those who enjoy sleeping in, and curling up next to the fireplace with a warm cup of joe. The coffee shop offers a complete selection of specialty beverages, along with breakfast and baked items.

198 S 7400 E
Huntsville, UT 84317

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