2018 Stoke Reel - A Matter of Perspective

By Yeti Oct 16, 2018
While Utah fell shy of reaching its annual 500" of snow last season, mother nature still delivered some incredible powder days. It's all about perspective!
2018 Stoke Reel - A Matter of Perspective

While Utah fell shy of reaching its annual 500 inches of snow last season, mother nature still delivered some incredible powder days. We learned that if you adjust your perspective, there's always great powder turns to be had. Get stoked watching the Ski Utah athlete team go big and rip through The Greatest Snow on Earth.

2018-19 ski season opening dates

Meet the 2017-18 Athlete Team: 

Lexi Dowdall


"Blower powder days, though harder to come by, did exist, but what surprised me most was how much I enjoyed everything else about skiing. I bought myself a pair of skinny skis, my first since 2008, and relearned the joy of carving on a full cambered, stiff ski. I took backcountry walks, I skied with new people and explored different resorts. The general lack of powder panic and intense storm tracking helped me slow down and remember what exactly it is that I love so much about skiing. Winter 2017-2018 helped me realize it’s not all about face shots. It’s laughter and the shared experiences amid the powerful energy of the mountains. This is home. This is skiing. This is why I’ve chosen to live the way I do." - Lexi

Blake LaCroix

"It's easy to take things for granted in a state that provides such high-quality resorts and mountain culture. We are spoiled most winters. Last winter wasn't necessarily the best, but there was still plenty of glory to be had!" - Blake

Dillon Green

"Despite the lower snowfall numbers, I still had some "kid in a candy store" type of days where you just don't want the day to end. What I learned from this past season is no matter what the conditions are, skiing is good for the soul." -Dillon

And if last winter was "as bad as it gets," that's still pretty awesome!

Tim Roberts - Camera and Edit
Trenton Brown - Assistant
Athletes - Dillon Green, Lexi Dowdall, Blake LaCroix, Huck Froelich
Music - A Rainmaker: "Sailing a Ship on the Ground"
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