Women's Ski Adventure at Alta!

By Active Alyssa Jan 23, 2017
As with any sport, it takes time, energy, skill, and mentors to continue to improve your game. Skiing can be an intimidating sport to take on, but if we never challenge ourselves, we will never change.—which is why Pro skier, Kim Reichhelm founded a program called Women's Ski Adventures.
Women's Ski Adventure at Alta!

As with any sport, it takes time, energy, skill, and mentors to continue to improve your game. Skiing can be an intimidating sport to take on, but if we never challenge ourselves, we will never change.

There is always something to learn from someone else, skills to gain, and new terrain to try as you increase your confidence in the sport. Pro skier, Kim Reichhelm founded a program called Women's Ski Adventures, which I am excited to attend in February! We should always keep learning and improving in all that we do. I had some questions for Kim and want to share her answers with you. I can tell you this—she's one cool girl and her camps ski camps are going to rock. Read on to see if her camps will be a good fit for you. 

1. How long have you been skiing and what do you get out of skiing that you hope others can find?

I have been skiing since I was three years old and I love sharing the experience of skiing with others. To me, skiing is not always about being the strongest, fastest and most aggressive skier on the mountain, it’s about the fluidity, efficiency and rhythm. Everyone gets something different out of skiing, but I hope that each and every skier enjoys the experience as much as I do. 

2. What was the inspiration to start the ski camps?

Before I started the camps, I paid close attention to the way women learn sports, especially sports with risk. Women don’t want to get hurt, where guys carry an injury like a badge of honor. We don’t want to lose control, where men love being on the edge. We want to look good, while most men don’t really care. Throw in the chemical differences between us and you have two completely different sets of priorities, affecting how we learn. Therefore, I started Women’s Ski Adventure camps in 1989 and my goal was to make it all easy. Eliminate the hassles. For every excuse, I had the answer. For every inconvenience, I made it convenient. Every challenge was broken down piece-by-piece and put back together through technique, knowledge and building confidence. I make sure we enjoy the little things like a sit down lunch in a beautiful location, a pause at the top of the mountain to take in the beauty, a fireside hot drink, or chitchat with a cute patroller.

3. What should a ski camper expect if joining one of your retreats?

Skiers can expect a safe and controlled environment to work on techniques and skills that build confidence on and off the hill. Terrain progression is always a goal each individual should have, taking their skiing to the next level when they feel they are ready. In the end, it’s all about sharing the mountain and making new friends, while improving your skiing confidence and ability.

4. Is there anything an unexperienced individual should be prepared for? 

Women’s Ski Adventures is such a unique, special experience. It is completely different from learning how to ski with your partner, it’s a community of women creating an encouraging space to learn, grow and have fun. It’s important to have the right gear, I can help you get dialed, but for starters, ski boots are the most important part of your set up, check out my gear confession blog here: http://www.skiwithkim.com/blog/gear-confessions-advice-kim-updating-buying-ski-boots/

5. What do you see for the future of the adventure ski camps? 

I’m constantly discovering new places to ski and new friends to ski with and that is why I love my job. I would love to see Ski With Kim’s Adventure Ski Camps continue to grow at ski areas across the nation, creating a community and network of women who come together and enjoy skiing. From a grassroots level, it’s all about promoting more women in the sport, whether you are joining for the first time by yourself or bringing along your friend or daughter, I want to empower females through their skiing abilities and generate confidence that they will then carry off the hill and into their lives. 

After hearing Kim's responses, I am so amped to ski with her and to improve my technique on the slopes! Kim will be gathering like minded females and hosting a Women's Ski Adventure at Alta February 7th-10th. Kim is also hosting a coed steep skiing camp at Alta with Pep Fujas Febuary 13th-16th. Kim loves the Alta experience and the terrain progression that the mountain offers. The recommend accommodations are ski in/ski out at The Rustler. It is a lovely and convenient place to stay while enjoying some of Utah's The Greatest Snow on Earth! I hope you continue to challenge yourself, on and off the mountains, and look into attending Kim's ski camp with me, or another one in the near future!   

~XOXO, Bring on the SNOW!