Brian Head. Southern Utah's Powdery Little Secret!

By Snowboard Muse Feb 5, 2016
El Nino has been absolutely hammering southern Utah!
Brian Head. Southern Utah's Powdery Little Secret!

El Nino has delivered a ton of snow to Utah this year, Southern Utah especially! With several 12"+ storms already and 16" in the forecast for Brian Head Resort I wrangled some of my favorite riders and filmers to see if we could get the goods... and we did. Watch as we slay some of the craziest storm riding I've done all year! The friendliness and hospitality of the staff and locals is bar none. Everyone is so happy to be there and it makes for a really pleasant skiing and snowboarding experience. I highly recommend you take a little vacation to this outstanding yet quite mountain that gets a LOT of snow!

Riders Andrew Muse, Austin Smith, Alex Gavic, Aaron Kawkak and James Buehler

Filmed by Taylor Maag / Croshane Media

Edit by Taylor Maag

Time Lapses by Andrew Muse 

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