Growing a Skier at Brian Head Resort

By Growing A Skier Jan 16, 2018
Brian Head Resort is so much more than a destination—it will be one of our family's FAVORITE vacations of the year.
Growing a Skier at Brian Head Resort

I know, I know, why would you pack up your skis, your kids, and maybe even your dog, to head down south to ski for a weekend? I mean, most of us in Utah are SPOILED with multiple resorts an hour drive from home. But hear me out: a weekend skiing at Brian Head Resort and exploring the nearby desert will be one of your family’s’ FAVORITE trips of the year. Or if you call Vegas or Southern Cal home, then a ROAD TRIP is in order. And bonus news, if you're introducing a little one to the sport like me, take advantage of January Learn to Ski & Snowboard offers across the state and the country. 

You see, skiing at Brian Head Resort is so much more than just skiing. There’s a reason why so many families come back every year as a tradition- Brian Head Resort embodies adventure, friendships, and quality family time. 

We’ve highlighted FIVE TIPS to help you minimize the challenges of family travel and to help you maximize the quality time you spend together.

Optimize On-Mountain Events:

The sun might have gone down after a day of skiing, but that doesn’t mean that your family has to call it a night. In fact, some of your family’s favorite memories might be made after the lifts stop spinning. While skiing will certainly be the highlight of the trip, watching live music at the Last Chair Saloon, or going to a star party (trust me-check out the link), will make your trip extra memorable. Before you book lodging, check out the event calendar and see what else might be going on.

Research Accommodations:

When our family travels we have three specific things we look at before booking a room: Whether the hotel is dog friendly, whether the hotel has a decent pool (for our son), and whether our room has a microwave (mama likes to make midnight-nachos after a long day of skiing). Before planning your ski trip, take a few minutes to find a hotel that has the on-site accommodations that will make your life easier. Your family might want to ask about ski storage, shuttles, spa services, or restaurants before choosing lodging. While there are several great lodging options in the town of Brian Head, the Grand Lodge hit all the marks for our family's needs (and was beautiful and hospitable!). 

This season, our family has specifically been looking for private ski instruction for Huck. Before visiting Brian Head, we looked into their ski program. The ski school at Brian Head Resort is INCREDIBLE. Huck's instructor (Tim) helped Huck learn to "pizza" and let Huck learn at his own pace (taking frequent breaks to build mini snowmen). Side note: Huck still asks if his "friend Tim" is going to come skiing with us again. 

Carve out and create quality family time:

Let’s be honest- skiing as a family is often more about FAMILY time than it is about solo skiing time. Sure, there will be moments of blissfully selfish skiing- but the majority of the experience is focused on everybody enjoying their time together. With one side of the mountain dedicated to beginners, a terrain park, and beautiful runs that have views of Cedar Breaks National Monument, everybody can have an experience tailored to their taste. Whether you’re sipping hot cocoa together around the beautiful stone fire pits at the base of the Giant Steps Express, or taking your oldest child down their first steep run, everybody will enjoy the opportunities to bond and relax.



Enjoy the Journey AND the Destination:

Wanna know one of the added bonuses of visiting a destination ski resort? THE JOURNEY. Have you looked at a map lately? Brian Head Resort is located near some of the most incredible gems in Utah. Consider tagging an extra day or two onto your trip and checking out some of the incredible places to visit along the way. Whether you stop to soak in Meadow hot springs, head over to Cedar Breaks National Monument for an hour or two, or spend a day in Bryce Canyon National Park, the extra time down south will be the “sick day” you took at work.


*My family just spent a few days exploring southern Utah and skiing Brian Head Resort. This itinerary was PERFECT for our three year old son and dog.

  • Day 1: Exploring Kodachrome State Park and Willis Creek in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
  • Day 2: Sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park (while the dog hung out at the hotel) before exploring Zebra Canyon in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
  • Day 3: Full day of skiing at Brian Head, and checking out night tubing and live music at the Last Chair Saloon
  • Day 4: Morning skiing at Brian Head, and visiting Cedar Breaks National Monument before driving home.


Traveling with Kids Doesn’t Have to Suck

Living off of gas station food and cable TV can take a toll on everybody. Before we take a family road trip, we pack a cooler full of some of our favorite things to eat on the road (juice, veggies, cheese, fruit, sandwich supplies, chips/salsa, etc). Along with all our ski gear, we pack a few bedtime stories and family games. While we certainly embrace “vacation mode”, we try to keep some aspects fairly regular for our family. If you arrive to Brian Head Resort at night- let your little ones get their wiggles out! Brian Head offers night skiing, night tubing, and live music in a family-friendly atmosphere (Huck wasn’t the only toddler rocking out on the dance floor).  


Hey, Feel Free to Bring the Dog too!

We know, traveling can feel like a hassle when you have furry friends at home. Leave the pup at home if you’d like (Have you tried the Rover app to find boarding for as low as $20 a night?)- but our family vacations aren’t quite complete without our dog. Make your dog’s time on the road as comfortable as possible by bringing a familiar blanket or bed, plenty of water and food, and taking time for walks and hikes. While dogs are not allowed inside the ski lodges, there were several great hiking and running trails just outside of our hotel. We loved walking our dog to start and end the day, and were close enough to the hotel to pop in and say hi.

Sure, you might have driven a few hours in your car, but when you’re at Brian Head Ski Resort , you’re at home. The owner of Brian Head Resort, John Grissinger, will literally make you dinner. John smokes meat to serve his guests all day on smokers that P.R. coordinator, Mark Wilder built himself. When you visit Brian Head Resort, one of the highlights will be letting John cook for you. Home is where your family is. And at Brian Head Resort, you’re treated like family.

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