Growing a Skier at Park City Mountain Resort: Après Fun for the Littlest Skiers

By Growing A Skier Feb 21, 2018
From the alpine coaster to zip lining down the mountain, your littlest skiers will be begging to spend the whole day at Park City Moutnain Resort.
Growing a Skier at Park City Mountain Resort: Après Fun for the Littlest Skiers

Keeping your littlest skiers out on the mountain all day is easy when you can choose between riding the alpine coaster, sitting around the fire pit, dancing in the plaza, ice skating, or taking a zipline down the mountain after a day of skiing. Reward your kiddos for their hard work on the slopes with a little après fun on the mountain. 

We get it—keeping little skiers happy on the mountain all day can be challenging. But when your family visits Park City Mountain, your kids will be begging to stay out on the mountain all day long. After a day in ski school (or chasing their older siblings down the mountain) reward their progress and hard work with some apres fun!

Alpine Coaster:

After riding the Alpine Coaster track up the mountain, you and your little one can control your speed on the way down. Be warned, if you go full throttle, you'll be zipping around those corners at top speed! You will both find yourselves hooting and hollering as your cruise down the mountain and wind through the trees. You might as well plan ahead and buy a re-ride ticket at the very beginning because everybody will be demanding, "AGAIN!"

Flying Eagle Zip Line:

If your little ones would rather FLY down the mountain, check out the Flying Eagle Zip Line. Really want to impress your crew? Upgrade to the Flying Eagle Zip Line and Alpine Coaster combo.

Ice Skating:

If your family still has some juice in their legs, head over to the ice skating rink at the base of Park City Mountain Resort. Enjoy the lights, music, and zamboni polished ice as your family cruises around the rink.

A day on the mountain as a family is all about balance. Work and play. Sacrifice and indulgence. Smooth cruising, and falling down. At the end of the day, I think everybody in the family can agree that the focus is on having fun together. 


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