How To: Get Going

By Powderhound Cat Nov 22, 2011
The on-going series of "How To" stories Powderhound Cat experiences firsthand going from novice to expert on the slopes.
How To: Get Going

Are all of you skiers morning people? 

To me, the hardest part of skiing is that it doesn't start at noon.

So how do we combat the process of waking up in order to make first chair?

I've heard many tips:

*Pack your gear the night before

*So much coffee

*Go to bed as soon as you get home from skiing

*Run out in the snow

I can't imagine how Jodi and all you moms do it - it's a mission just to get myself out the door! The checklist of gear, let's face it, isn't short.

I typically forget a glove, camera, once even my poles. Fortunately I remembered before driving away.


So my tips?

*I blast loud music. If we have company, maybe even a ski movie with a good soundtrack. Gets everyone pumped.

*I make lunch while I eat breakfast, then get out of the kitchen.

*I make everyone drink a big glass of water. Trust me, it helps.

*All the gear is by the door. Some houses and rentals don't have mudrooms, we are lucky to have a closet with all our ski gear.

*I run the checklist. Shouting "passes, helmet, goggles" everyday seems silly, but gets us organized.

*Think about the whole day. Where are you eating? Need an extra beanie for apres?

*Remember the reward: Untracked powder makes the rush worth it!!


Yet again, my "How To" demands some crowd sourcing. What are your tips for getting out the door quickly and easily?

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat