Level 1 Less Premiere

By Powderhound Cat Sep 11, 2014
Get out and get rowdy to ring in ski season this weekend!
Level 1 Less Premiere

Go see this movie.

I went all the way to Denver to get you the rough edit, the first draft, the rave review. FYI: I’m personally skeptical of anyone that only says good things, it sounds like you got paid.

So full disclosure I did get a free pass, but I had to wait in a long line, the doors opened late, and the youngn’s were...restless. The crowd was quieter than I expected. I’m not sure half of them saw my favorite parts. Pro Tip: watch for Wiley. My weekend in Denver was delightful but I can honestly say that NO ONE does a ski premiere like we do in Utah.

Maybe because we’re there to, I don’t know, see the movie?

Less is going to jive so hard with our Utah culture because it’s about the skiing. Even if you don’t hit parks laps all day like me (cough cough) you can appreciate skill, and this movie has it. Young, young, fresh new skill. Names you’re gonna wanna write down. We’ll be hearing them again. There was fun and beer slamming like every hip edit, but it didn’t overshadow the thrill of the lines. Even the soundtrack wasn’t all up in your face. You could just listen, and watch, and enjoy.

So dust off your tall t, head downtown Saturday and check out Less at The Depot. Utah, chances are good you won’t have to pick up a 55+ mom from tripping down the stairs (seriously), fight with a bro for a space to watch from, or even have a hard time grabbing a round of Fireball for your friends to toast winter. It wasn't all bad. The movie was solid. After party dancing was A+. So bring great friends and make a night of it! You'll be so ready to shop for gear and wax your skis after this one, that's a promise!

Get there early, if it was like Denver, the raffle comes first and there was some sweet swag going around. Then stay late, meet your crew, and after party. You can instagram, tag @level1, and show them how we do it. #lessismore

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat