The Five Stages of Grief over Missing a Powder Day

By Powderhound Cat Jan 11, 2014
Weekend warriors, it isn't always easy. How can you handle the travesty?
The Five Stages of Grief over Missing a Powder Day

Well, it's bound to happen. In your lifetime as a Weekend Warrior, eventually it is going to snow on a weekday. Dump. Nuke. Your Twitter feed is full of all your unemployed friends bragging about their "white room" status.

So how do you handle the five stages of Powderlessness?

1. Denial

"Look at it. The snow isn't even that good." "I heard there was a wind hold" "I bet it was heavy snow anyway" Yes, at first, you are going to just not believe it's true. Your struggle was getting to the office, clearing off your car, and sitting in meetings while every device available was blowing up. But you know your friends. They're probably exaggerating. Your defense mechanism is to mistrust their excitement.

2. Anger

You have to work. It's Thursday. Chances are as the snow keeps flying past the window, you have an outburst. Try not to hurt Tina in accounting. It's not her fault that the snow couldn't wait until Saturday.

3. Bargaining

But seriously, Bro - if only you'd donated that plasma. Your higher power just didn't listen. You could have even potentially called in, but you didn't trust the snow report. 

4. Depression

What is the point maybe you should move to San Diego. I mean, there they all are having the best day of their lives, so it doesn't even matter you just landed the biggest account of all time. If only there were face shots in the board meeting. Life just isn't fair. You need a hug.

5. Acceptance

In Utah, like no where else, the good news is it's going to snow again. This weekend. And many more after that. You are not only going to ski POWDER, you are a survivor. You missed a day, yeah. But look at you still living and breathing. Well done. Minor miracles such as this will be rewarded and some day - soon around here - you won't even remember the one you missed. (I heard it wasn't that good anyway).

AND if all else fails, fill out this Doctor's note verifying your nasty case of the #powderflu and you'll catch that next weekday powder. 


*Let it snow, mostly on weekends*

Powderhound Cat