Bike Trails Every Kid Will Love

By Adventure Mom Jun 5, 2019
Learn which bike trails in Salt Lake, Ogden, and Park City will be great for you and your kids to ride together this summer!
Bike Trails Every Kid Will Love

If there is one outdoor activity that nearly every kid enjoys, it's riding their bike! Whether racing their friends or taking a leisurely ride with the family, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors. So if your kiddos are looking for some great bike trails to rip up this summer, they are going to love the adventures at the eight trails to follow. 

Salt Lake Valley

1. Parley’s Trail

Parley’s Trail can be found in Salt Lake City, Utah. It stretches over eight scenic miles, beginning near Bonneville Shoreline Trail, wrapping around Sugar House Park, and finally ending at the Jordan River. As if the scenery isn’t enough to get excited about, the path is paved, making it perfect for little ones who aren’t yet ready for rough terrain.

2. Corner Canyon

Corner Canyon Trail is a great place for all experience levels. While Corner Canyon (lower) path is a single track, there is only a slight incline to climb. If you happen to have an experienced rider on your hands, there are also more advanced trails that can be accessed. Just make sure to watch the trail signs closely, as some of the paths are one way.

North Salt Lake

3. Wild Rose Loop Trail

If you are looking to take the kiddos on just a short loop, the Wild Rose Loop Trail in North Salt Lake is just what you have been looking for. The loop itself is only 1.7 miles and even has a shortcut for when the kiddos are feeling too tired to ride the entire length.


4. Birdsong Trail

The Birdsong Trail is a 2.4-mile loop that is great for all skill levels. You'll ride along a river and through trees with great views of Ogden. To access Birdsong, park at Rainbow Gardens and take the trail through the woods up to the hillside. 

5. Ogden River Parkway

Ride along a paved path next to the Ogden River. Make a stop at the High Adventure Park where the kiddos can take a break from riding, hop on a ropes course, and play in the river. Access this trail from Big D Park, Ogden Botanical Gardens, Slackwater Pub and Pizza or 18th Street and Grant.

For more information on trails in the Ogden area, visit Ogden Trails.

Park City Area

6. Round Valley

Numerous loops and riding options, from single flowing track to soft-surfaced double track, can be found at the Round Valley Trail System in Park City, Utah. In fact, there are over 30 miles of adventurous trails to be shredded, by beginners and intermediates alike.

7. Park City (Rail Trail and Nature Preserve)

Why not mix a little history lesson into your bike ride? Park City is the perfect place to ride and learn! The 28-mile long trail follows the route of the historic Union Pacific Railroad line.

With the first part of the trail being paved, it is perfect for anyone, even youngsters who still have training wheels, or prefer riding along in a bike trailer. There is much to see along the way, from wildflowers and various wildlife to local farm animals.

8. Trailside

Do you have a kiddo who is bored by the average bike trail? If so, you may want to give the Trailside Bike Park, in Park City, Utah, a try.

It isn’t exactly your average, scenic bike route. Instead, you will find multiple tracks suitable for various skill levels, as well as a skills development area. The park never gets old; once they master their skills, kids can move up to the more advanced trails.

For more information on trails in Park City, visit the wonderful resource: Mountain Trails Foundation.

Need more info on outfitting the family for biking before heading out on the trail? We've got your back. 

Full disclaimer: There are hundreds of trails we could share with you. So tell us, what's your favorite bike trail for kids that we didn't mention?