Utah Wraps Up Historic Ski Season with 4th of July Skiing

By Local Lexi Jul 9, 2019
Red tram, white snow, blue tram. A perfectly patriotic combination greeted eager skiers and shredders at Snowbird on July 4, 2019, wrapping up a banner ski season in Utah.
Utah Wraps Up Historic Ski Season with 4th of July Skiing

Closing Day, also known as Independence Day, dawned bright and clear, but summer was far from the minds of many skiers and snowboarders who were scrambling to locate their gear, a trusty pair of jorts and their most patriotic duds. Thanks to the prodigious amount of snow that fell this winter, Snowbird welcomed skiers and snowboarders on July 4th for the first time since the historic winter of 2011.

The tram line stretched to record lengths as celebrants draped with flags, costumes, and patriotic colors waited their turn to make their final turns in Little Cloud Bowl in July. Tram riders burst out into full-throated renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner. The American flag riotously fluttered atop both tram cars running full steam to transport the countless revelers up and down. The hoots and hollers of delight around Little Cloud could be heard from folks sporting bare skin, fanny packs, and flags. Nothing quite tops the sensation of celebrating freedom than a bit of skiing or snowboarding in July!

The 2019 season has indeed been a banner year for Utah’s resorts. Every watershed in the state was sitting at 135% of average or higher and we enjoyed double the snowfall when compared to the previous 2017-2018 season. Resorts in Utah never went more than 7 days without snow this winter! The consistently amazing conditions meant a lot of early mornings and big grins. The perpetually stormy skies kept high pressure at bay and Utah never experienced many warm temps, maintaining the deep perfection of the snowpack. More snow facts from the season can be found here.

Snowbird remained open for skiers and riders on weekends through June. And, up until late June, it was still possible to hike up Alta Ski Area from the Wildcat base area and ski nearly to the bottom without stopping! Warmer temperatures arrived with July and while you can still find plenty of snow in the Wasatch, it requires a bit more effort. We’re betting many intrepid backcountry users will be seeking high elevation snow throughout July and August.

We humbly request that whatever snow sacrifices or dances were performed for Ullr last summer are repeated to ensure another record-smashing season in 2020!