Pinecone and the Peak - Park City's Ultimate Pow Skiing!

By Powderhound Matt \ January 31 2016

This past week was special at Park City. Not only has the Sundance Film Festival ended and now I can return to skiing powder but over a foot of new snow has fallen in the past two days. Skiing and riding conditions were going to be primo and they were. Park City was able to get the entire area open, including the Peak and Pinecone Ridge. Pinecone Ridge is the closest thing you'll find to backcountry skiing inside a resort.  A bit of a boot pack, a long traverse along a ridge and bam you're smack dab in the middle of a powder skiers paradise. The fact that it takes quite a bit of effort to get there keeps lines fresh all day. Be sure to head there quick as the aspect is south facing and often times will get affected by the sun. Today wasn't one of those days...