Snowbasin - Where Ski Dreams Come True

By Powderhound Matt Mar 5, 2015
I ski A LOT! Wednesday was like a dream at Snowbasin. Check out the video and you'll understand why
Snowbasin - Where Ski Dreams Come True

I need you to envision your ultimate ski day.  What would it be like?  Try and describe it for a moment.  Would it sound something like this...

Wake up early, head to Snowbasin Resort after 18 inches of new snow.  On your way to the resort it’s snowing, reports of an additional 5 inches over night are trickling in.  You arrive, the snow stops, the sky clears and it goes totally bluebird.  

You’ve arrived so early, you have nothing to do but patiently wait in line for first chair.  The sound of avalanche bombs thunder off in the distance. This only heightens your anticipation. You load the chair, the air is crisp and there is virtually no one behind you.  While Ski Patrol finishes their snow safety routes, you ski the GREATEST groomed run of your life.  You are ecstatic! Blown away. You look at your friends and say, “Wait a minute, we came here to ski pow didn’t we?  That just simply blew my mind!”  You’re stunned, its the stuff you dream about.  2,000 vertical of the softest, grippiest corduroy you’ve ever skied!  You reload the lift, Snow Safety has now given you the green light.  You hike up to No Name Peak.  Once again you’ve got first tracks on what could be another all time run. This time it’s untracked powder,  2,000 vertical feet of some of the best inbound powder skiing in Utah. Now hit repeat. 

Is that what a dream ski days sounds like to you?  Well that’s just what happened to us Wednesday.  Without rubbing it in anymore, all I can say is it pays to get up early... Don’t hit the snooze button.

Make your dream ski day come true and get on up to Snowbasin.  Watch the weather, get up early, and make your ski dream a reality. I know I just did. Don’t be afraid to say thanks to the men and women of Ski Patrol who keep us safe out there. They do an incredible job! Hats off to you folks!