2017-18 Season Wrap Up Through The Lens of a Photographer

2017-18 Season Wrap Up Through The Lens of a Photographer


By Yeti \ May 30 2018

Local photographer, John Howland spent nearly every day this winter on Utah's slopes.

Although winter didn't provide as much snow as we're typically used to, John experienced amazing snow, beautiful bluebird days and landed a winter full of memorable experiences (and photos). Here's what John has to say postseason including some of his favorite shots.

words by John Howland

There’s no doubt, the first half of the Utah season didn’t shape up like we had hoped, but if you kept putting your boots on in the morning, you were certainly rewarded. While I did have to up my mental game, as February bumped on; it was hard to ignore how nice skiing under bluebird sky was each day. In my second season in Utah, and following the best season of my life; I learned you never give up on a Winter in Utah.

Trying to capture ski images while the storms that battered Montana just refused to slide south, was tough; but, maybe the challenge was the reward.

Benny12 1 of 1jpg
Ben Michaels - Solitude Mountain Resort - 12/21/17

There’s plenty of rock underneath our skis in the Wasatch, but when the pack is low, if you know where to look, there’s some smooth bottom to get your early season pow turns.

Birgit 1 of 1jpg
Brigit Ertl - Solitude Mountain Resort - 12/23/17

If you were diligent and got up for those first groomer turns, it wasn’t hard to make a small storm feel like a whole lot of something.
As we limped through January, Ullr finally smiled down on the Wasatch and it only got better as the weeks went on.

20180216-JH-Alta-KatieHitchcock-AL004 1 of 1jpg
Katie Hitchcock - Alta Ski Area - 1/20/18

20180216-JH-Brighton-DaneWeister-BR008 1 of 1 2jpg
Dane Weister - Brighton - 2/19/18

20180319-JH-Solitude-BenMichaelsWhitneyGardner-SOL003 1 of 1jpg
Ben Michaels & Whitney Gardner - Solitude Mountain Resort - 3/19/18

20180321-JH-PowderMountain-LexiDowdall-POW025 1 of 1jpg
Lexi Dowdall - Powder Mountain - 3/21/18

20180327-JH-Alta-PitViper-ALT022 1 of 11jpg
Chris Garcin - Alta Ski Area - 3/27/18

March seems to be a historically good month in Utah, and it was, but big storms in April kept everyone hungry for more.

130418-JohnHowland-Snowbird-SeanDwyer-BRD015 1 of 1jpg
Sean Dwyer - Snowbird - 4/18/18

The late-season revival could only mean one thing, the resurgence of spring skiing!  As closing days approached, it felt like we had finally just got going. The resorts looked totally filled in and the parties went off weekend after weekend.

20182104-JohnHowland-Snowbird-Group-BRD0018 1 of 1jpg
Nick Bush - Snowbird - 4/21/18

It was a tough start, but Utah always seems to come through.  Now I start counting down, hoping for some early snow and maybe some skiing on Thanksgiving!

To follow John's summer adventures, check out his Instagram.