A Dreamy Day With Park City Powder Cats

By Yeti Feb 9, 2017
East of Park City Utah, you'll find Thousand Peaks Ranch which boasts Utah's oldest cat skiing operation—proudly celebrating 25 years in business with dreamy terrain. Meet Park City Powder Cats.
A Dreamy Day With Park City Powder Cats

Winter is filled with anticipation and promise. Even when it comes to snow's black and white palette we dream in color, because we are skiers and snowboarders and would rather be floating on top of untouched powder. We dream of bluebird days shared with friends where the snow is pristine, lunch is delicious and the beer at the end of the day is cold. Do you want to make every winter day count? Load up the rental jeep and rumble east out of Park City and step into a day with Park City Powder Cats—Utah's oldest cat skiing operation, ringing in 25 years of epic service, surrounded by a 43,000 acre playground.

Let's start with the SNOW and back to the idea of making every winter day count. When it comes to snow and terrain, this operation has access to the bounty of Mother Nature's goods, quite simply because the wealth of their terrain compliments varying snow conditions.

Simply put, guests will have access to untouched snow, on stormy days, bluebird days or even 1-2 weeks after the last storm. Booking a day with Park City Powder Cats is kind of like awesomeness insurance—knowing that the goods will be there for you.

What to expect?

A full-day excursion that starts with a light breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 4:00 p.m. with hor d'oeuvres at a log cabin.

  • $549 per person (2016–17 rates).
  • 8-10 runs with as much as 10,000 vertical in a day!
  • Open daily from mid-December through the end of March.
  • Opportunity to purchase photos of you photographed by a pro.

Park City Powder Cats House

The Guides

The backbone of this operation is found within the guides—as knowledgeable and well-trained as any backcountry skiing outfit in the world. Many of the guides were former ski patrollers or avalanche safety professionals, who not only have a knack for finding powder for their guests but first and foremost keeping the vast playground safe. And it's family around here, guides do not come and go. Johnny Adolphson, the lead guide, has been with the company for 10 years.

The Terrain

  • 43,000 Acres
  • One to Two Thousand Foot Open Bowls
  • Gladed Aspen Runs

Park City Powder Cats Ski Lines

"Through careful planning and as a true steward of the land, Park City Powder Cats has expanded their terrain boundaries and offers many options to a variety of skill levels. In addition to a deep, reliable snowpack, the terrain PCPC accesses, offers a truly unique geologic adventure. From beautifully spaced Aspen glades, great for storm day riding, to big open alpine bowls and chutes, there’s nothing like it anywhere in Utah."—Craig Gordon

Park City Powder Cats


The cats are stocked with water bottles and a snack box overflowing with everything from granola bars to chocolate. The picnic-style lunch spread is impressive and well deserved after a morning of whooping it up. You can expect wraps or sandwiches, chips, fruit and even warm soup and tea! On cold or stormy days, you can enjoy your grub in a warm yurt. Note: If you have any dietary restrictions call the office and they'll hook you up.

Skiing Park City Powder Cats


Many guests are repeat customers, as no ski trip to Utah is complete without a day with Park City Powder Cats.

"Every winter since 2002 I've been fortunate enough to spend a day with PC Pow Cats. I can always count on the goods, even if it hasn't snowed in 10 days. Honestly, the main reason I keep coming back is for the smiling faces and the good people here."—Wayne Kot, Mauai, HI

"I’ve brought many friends, new to snowcat skiing, to Thousand Peaks Ranch and I’m always stoked to see how elated they are when exposed to this unique experience. So when people are looking for an alternative backcountry powder opportunity, I’m proud to recommend PCPC, where I know the terrain, weather, and snow is only outmatched by the very knowledgeable staff, personnel and guides."—Craig Gordon

Park City Powder Cat Ladies

Wild, Wild, West

Park City Powder Cats operates just minutes outside of Park City on over 40,000 acres of family owned land in the Uinta Mountains on the Thousand Peaks Ranch. Founded in 1921, the land then became a thriving sheep and cattle ranch in the summer months. Thousand Peaks Ranch has become home to over 10,000 head of sheep and 3,000 cattle . While the winters prove to be too harsh of a climate for the sheep to thrive, the Ranch owners found it to be perfect conditions for Powder Hounds! When the sheep head south for the winters, Park City Powder Cats is lucky enough give our guests an incredible backcountry experience.

Your day also starts/finishes at an old wild west cabin, so idyllic in fact that the cabin is the perfect western backdrop used for many Hollywood movie sets. Between these picturesque landscapes you will be feeling like your in the wild west in no time.

Until you book that trip, you can build up some serious envy by following Park City Powder Cats on Instagram @pccats.

Note: This is a sponsored post by PC Powder Cats.