A Girls Day Out at Snowbird

By Yeti Aug 25, 2021
Everyone needs a day to just check out and hang with the besties. Here's one way a local mom and her gals spent the day doing such at Snowbird.
A Girls Day Out at Snowbird

The summer is a perfect time to enjoy your local ski resort. Even though it is the off-season, there is still a ton to do. I recently hosted a day of adventure for seven girlfriends at Snowbird, up Little Cottonwood Canyon. As women and moms, sometimes it is hard to make time for ourselves, to get away and disconnect from the responsibilities and pressure that we face. It’s not always possible to get away for a whole weekend (although that would be amazing) with your girlfriends and go have fun. So I thought, how about just for the day? Have a day of adventure, sneak away from the kids and take time to enjoy the outdoors and connect with friends.

We carpooled up the canyon and arrived at the resort early. We were able to find great parking, and we were excited to escape the heat. Here is what we did for our Girls Day of Adventure.


Observation point
We didn’t realize that the tram doesn’t start running until 11 am in the summer, so while we were waiting, we decided to hike the Observation Point Trail. While it isn’t a strenuous hike, it was fun to enjoy the cool air and get a taste of how beautiful the ski resort is without snow. Several girlfriends actually commented that they first learned to ski at Snowbird, and it was fun seeing what the trails and runs look like without snow. It was a quick hike, but we enjoyed the viewpoint and got some great shots of our group.

Most of the group had never taken the tram, so this was a fun experience for everyone. The views during the entire ride were amazing. We were all surprised at how much colder the temperature was at the top. It was a good thing everyone had been told to bring a jacket because at 11,000 ft of elevation the temperature really was quite cooler. We were able to grab a trail map and follow the trail to summit Mt. Baldy.


Hike Mt Baldy
It is only about a 2 mile roundtrip hike. The wildflowers along the trail were in full bloom, and we enjoyed the beautiful colors of purple, coral, yellow and white. (Check out the most commonly found wildflowers in the Wasatch.) This trail does have quite a bit of incline, but the views made it worth it to push forward. At the top, a fellow hiker asked us if we would like a geology lesson, and we were all ears as he taught us about the different rock formations we could see and the geologic story of the canyons. We loved learning more while we had some snacks and water at the summit.

Lunch at the Summit
After returning from our hike, we ate lunch at The Summit located at the top of the tram. They had a wonderful selection of salads, paninis and pizza, along with some prepackaged sandwiches, desserts, chips and drinks. I enjoyed a smoked salmon panini that did not disappoint, as well as a peach lemonade that hit the spot after the hike. A few gals enjoyed a beer with their lunch. While we waited for the tram for our ride back down, we sat outside, enjoying the sun and cool breeze.


Cliff Lodge Spa
Going to the Cliff Spa was definitely the highlight of our day. We were greeted with robes and slippers and then headed to the changing rooms. The pool was just up a small flight of stairs on the roof. The pool is surrounded by towering glass windows that allow you to take in the mountain views. The best part of the pool? Not having to watch kids in a pool! We could all actually relax and lounge in the pool. I loved the bench along one side of the pool where we could sit and chat in the water. We enjoyed fun conversations in the lounge chairs, and it was absolutely what we all needed—some time away from the kids to connect with friends and relax. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we enjoyed almost four hours at the pool before it was time to head home and take care of our families.

The local ski resort is a perfect place to have a day of adventure with your girlfriends. You can relax, hike, explore, swim, eat and recharge all in one location. You don’t have to go far to have a getaway. Next time you need to get away for a few hours, consider your local Utah ski resort, and escape the heat. Many resorts have onsite activities and spas, so choose your adventure, and get some relaxing in all at the same time.