Connecting Utah's Central Resorts On Skis

By Yeti Feb 16, 2018
The Ski Utah Interconnect Tour is a great way to experience the central Wasatch resorts in a day.
Connecting Utah's Central Resorts On Skis

Connecting multiple resorts in one day, without using any touring equipment, is an unrivaled experience anywhere in the United States.

We headed out with local photographer and Ski Utah Interconnect Guide JP Gendron to capture some Interconnect eye candy.

The routes photographed took clients through Utah's central Wasatch Mountains and resorts. These images are a result of combing both Interconnect tour options. Five days a week, the tour departs from Deer Valley Resort and two days a week the tour departs from Snowbird.

The day starts out at 8:15 a.m. with a briefing given by the day's guides. The guides detail out expected conditions, the weather forecast, safety protocol, routes, and outfit the group with an Ortovox 3+ avalanche beacon.

By 9:00 a.m. the group is ready to load chairs for an adventure like no other.
Group Meeting

To ensure everyone in the group can withstand day ahead, clients can expect the guides to evaluate their ability levels and conditioning before heading out of the first resort.

After a quick evaluation and the group is set, it's time to soak in the views and perspectives offered as the group travels through the Wasatch Mountains.

Deer Valley Views

After a few runs inbounds, the guides will lead clients to their first resort exit, where they'll see what the other side of the rope is like.

Hiking Scotts Pass

The guides enjoy skiing as much (if not more than clients), so it's no question that they'll be seeking out the best snow available.

Skiing Utahs backcountry

Throughout the day, the guides will gather everybody around to take a break while offering up some local history and point out prominent peaks and resort boundaries.

Group Chat

The unique thing about the Interconnect Tour is no backcountry touring gear is required, just a common alpine or telemark setup. Routes allow the tour to manipulate the geographical features with some boot-packing and side-stepping combined with the convenience of resort chairlifts in order to get to the next descent.

Sidestepping up towards Dogleg Chute

The hard work always pays off. Sometimes it's the views...

Looking at Wolverine Cirque

... sometimes it's the skiing.

Skiing Off Rocky Point

Whatever the outcome, the Interconnect Tour always brings out the smiles.

Hailey Klotz Smiling

If you are interested in booking an Interconnect Adventure Tour there are a few things to know.

Tour options:

  • Clients can reserve a private tour, accommodating up-to 12 clients

Route options:

  • Departing from Deer Valley Resort. Physically the easier of the two options, traveling through up to six resorts.
  • Departing from Snowbird. More physically demanding than the Deer Valley departing tour with more challenging terrain, traveling through four Utah resorts.

Interested in learning more about the Interconnect Tour or want to reserve your spot now?

Ski Utah's Interconnect Tour