Inspiration with George Jedenoff—Utah's 100-Year-Old Skier

Inspiration with George Jedenoff—Utah's 100-Year-Old Skier


By Yeti \ February 27 2018

100-year-old skier George is still skiing and reflects upon how he has inspired skiers of all ages from across the globe. 

Earlier this month, George stepped into his bright red, rear-entry boots, clicked into his skis for a couple of days, chasing low-angle powder, catching up with old friends and looking back at the impact his last six videos have had on so many people. 

"The fact that I've inspired people to keep skiing and to have a positive attitude in life, and to be happier than they were, is the thing that's pleased me the most." 

George's videos have reached millions of people as he continues to be a hero for so many of us. #100YearOldSkier  

Below are a few of comments included in the video that fans have left for George.


ICYMI, here are more videos of George skiing over the last decade at Alta and Snowbird

George skiing at 95

George skiing at 96

George skiing at 97

George skiing at 98

George skiing at 99

George skiing on his 100th Birthday

Production: Tim Roberts and Brandon Ott

Edit: Tim Roberts