Rossignol Women of Winter | Alyssa Gonzalez

Rossignol Women of Winter | Alyssa Gonzalez


By Yeti \ March 10 2023

Alyssa Gonzalez is an athlete, advocate, and designer based in Boulder, CO.

“This is a new space for me. I didn’t grow up recreating in the outdoors. I didn’t think it was a place I belonged. I saw mountains for the first time at 22 years old. When I moved out west it opened my eyes to new experiences and new activities. I wanted to learn to ski but I didn’t fit the idea of who I thought a skier was. I struggled to see myself in that environment and to find others who looked like me.

But today Black, Brown and Indigenous voices are moving to the forefront of conversations in the outdoor industry. It’s motivated me to become active and promote diversity and inclusiveness — for myself and others.

I joined Women of Winter with the hope to contribute to our changing social landscape. Women of Winter is a grassroots organization committed to inspire and empower women and girls to get outside, to be courageous, and to pursue their dreams in the mountains and in life.”

On top of all the hats Alyssa wears each day, she is also the Community Development Coordinator for Women of Winter. Learn more here

Video produced by Cam Mcleod in partnership with Rossignol