Ski Utah By The Numbers

By Yeti Nov 19, 2018
Utah has The Greatest Snow on Earth, we also have the greatest skiing on earth. Find out why in this video, showcasing the numbers behind this bold claim.
Ski Utah By The Numbers

Utah has the Greatest Snow on Earth - But, we also think we have the greatest skiing on earth and we can prove it. Here's Ski Utah by the numbers.

Utah has 15 alpine ski resorts, with 10 resorts within an hour of the airport with 156 ski lifts, 1,389 named runs, serving nearly 32,000 skiable acres.

Combined, Utah resorts offer 31,000 vertical feet of skiing. So, it’s a good thing our lift system can move over 257,000 people per hour.

20180126-CP-Solitude-Powder-Dillon-FY1A0028 2jpg

Utah’s biggest ski season was 2018-19, which saw 5.1 million skier days. With some states doing more than 12 million skier days, you can understand why Utah isn’t known for lift lines.

Many of Utah’s resorts receive 500 inches of snow per season with an average density of 8.5%, which is considered ideal for powder skiing. 

Utah’s mountains receive 7.7 trillion gallons of water as snow. That means that Utah’s snowpack weighs 64 trillion pounds.

But, even with all that snow, Park City averages 225 sunny days per year.

In general, Utah sees an average of 40 storms per season, with 19 of those being Utah Powder Days with totals over 12 inches.

In 2001 a legendary storm cycle happened from November 22-27, when Utah experienced the 100-inch storm.  108 inches fell at Alta including 100 inches in a 100 hour period.

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When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see that Utah is hard to beat.