The Locals Project Featuring Guru Dave

By Yeti Apr 1, 2016
A team of five multidisciplinary storytellers that make up The Locals Project captured the story of a classic Snowbird character, Guru Dave.
The Locals Project Featuring Guru Dave

Have you ever thought that sometimes skiing and snowboarding content can get a little repetitive? Besides capturing new skill levels, higher quality pow shots, better tricks and bigger cliff drops - all these stories are essentially the same, yet they continue to mesmerize and inspire everyone to hit the slopes. But right in our backyard in Salt Lake City and Boulder, a new angle of storytelling with a unique pizazz has been formed through The Locals Project.

A group of five young multidisciplinary storytellers that make up The Locals Project have set out to capture stories from the mountain community with a unique twist. They seek to travel to renowned ski destinations to capture the heart and essence of each town through the stories of unique local characters - athletes and artists. These characters may not be the most famous individuals coming out of the area, but they are the ones who define their towns and embrace the unique culture that surrounds them - they are what keep each community singular and thriving. 

The Locals Project team began its mission at the beginning of March following notable individuals from Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Their first feature dropped today, and it tells the colorful story of Snowbird local, Guru Dave. This character isn't just your average ski-goer at Snowbird; he's an artist, musician, weather reporter, and true native to the mountain. He's been there since the start.

We don't want to give anything away, but the video below shows just how Guru Dave came to be the person he is today through his mountain community. It may be the quickest five minute documentary you've ever seen. 

The five individuals of The Locals Project are producing groundbreaking work and are definitely worth following via Facebook and Instagram. Their project is just beginning, so keep an eye out for the unique athletes and artists they choose to feature through various platforms - social, videos, and blogs. To meet the crew and view their work visit The Locals Project website

Mission Statement

The Locals Project focuses on the lifestyles of homegrown athletes & artists around the country. We want to find folks with the lifestyle most of us only dream about. To make this happen we've set out to identify the people and places best suited to capture these stories. The end result: a continuing collection of stories, imagery, & footage that captures the essence of our featured characters & the places they live.