Whisper Ridge Backcountry Resort

Whisper Ridge Backcountry Resort


By Yeti \ January 11 2017

With 60,000 acres of terrain, eight snowcats, ten mountain-top luxury yurts and two helicopters, (Shortcode Error: Could not find service named u'whisper-ridge-cat-skiing' for tag [service name="whisper-ridge-cat-skiing"]Whisper Ridge Cat Skiing[/service]) is the biggest backcountry resort in America. You can ski it for a day or stay overnight in their well appointed Yurt villages. Check it out. We were lucky enough to spend a day and night with Whisper Ridge after a recent storm cycle.  http://www.whisperridgeutah.com 


Film and Edit: Tim Roberts

Athletes: Blake Hamm, Kaytlin Hughes, and Dillon Green

Note: This is a sponsored post by Whisper Ridge.