Cherry Peak: Sweet Name For A Serious Mountain

By Yeti Jun 18, 2015
Cherry Peak Resort plans to open this winter for its inaugural season. Here's a sneak peek on all the happenings taking place.
Cherry Peak: Sweet Name For A Serious Mountain

By Harriet Wallis, the geezer gal:


My knees shook as I looked down from the summit. "This is one awesome mountain," I gasped. The ski trail dropped straight down. I didn't want to get too close to the edge.

It was June and Cherry Peak CEO John Chadwick was giving me a tour of Utah's newest resort that's still under construction. 

The spacious 3-story lodge is near completion. Chadwick actually holds a patent on the construction technique that transforms ordinary lumber into seemingly massive rough hewn logs. "We want the buildings to look like they've been here for 100 years," he said.


Cherry Peak Resort Lodge

Inside Cherry Peak Resort Lodge


Two lifts and the Magic Carpet are in. A third lift is ready for installation at mid mountain. The recycled lifts and a motorhouse came from other resorts: Brian Head, Squaw Valley, Sun Valley and Whistler. "We could call it a Frankenstein project," Chadwick quipped.


Cherry Peak Resort Chairlift 2


Backhoes are working overtime to smooth the trails. Boulders that are dug out are built into retaining walls. The nice thing about being privately owned is that we can do what we need to do to make it great, he said.

Chadwick's sons built the tote road to the summit with amazing views across the valley and formidable drop offs. I hung on tightly as we bounced up the road in a work vehicle. I thought it was fun. But Chadwick said that concrete truck drivers who must negotiate the steep road to pour the tower platforms have two opinions of the road: They love it or they're scared of it.


John Chadwick Driving


Chadwick's family bought the land in the late 1960s from a dairy farmer who  found the land useless because he couldn't grow alfalfa on it. But the vision to create a ski resort has been simmering since Chadwick was a child. When given a dish of ice cream, he'd sculpt it into a mountain with ski runs before he'd eat it.

As his own children grew up, he'd tow them to the summit by snowmobile so they could ski the steep face that made my knees knock. Cherry Peak is a man's long time vision and his love story with snow. Ski it this winter.

Like the resort, the website is still under construction, but check and watch Cherry Peak develop.