Five must-have gadgets

By Yeti Mar 25, 2015
Gizmos for the slopes.
Five must-have gadgets

By Harriet Wallis, the geezer girl


Smart readers. Finally, you can read your cell phone, trail maps and restaurant menus with ease because you'll always have these reading glasses with you. The case snaps onto your Smartphone for fast access. Isn’t that novel!


ThinOptics readers solve the problem that has plagued skiers since Smartphones were invented -- the info is too small to read. These tiny glasses perch comfortably on your nose then store away on your phone. After millions of dollars of research, these virtually indestructible readers were introduced last year. They come in three levels of magnification and vivid frame colors plus classic black and clear. Under $40. 


Zipper fix. It's your favorite jacket but the slider came off the zipper track. Shell out big bucks for a new jacket or put on a new slider between runs. No tools needed. Under $10. This product, FixnZip, comes from Salt Lake based AceCamp. Sliders come in three sizes. Medium is the most popular size because it fits jackets, packs, tents and most outdoor gear. Small for things like skirts. Large for wet suits and boat covers. How'd I learn about this product? I met Michael Beverly, the company's VP of Marketing and Sales, on an Alta chairlift.



Organic sound. Designed to look like a real acorn, this mini speaker is made from apricot tree wood and connects to your cell phone or portable media player via the 3.5-mm interface. Hook it onto your jacket, play your tunes and eat granola. Just watch out for squirrels. About $82.



Ski pole vibes. This rugged blue-tooth speaker is designed with bungees so you can mount it to the handlebar of your bike. It can also be rigged to fit a ski pole. (Sorry, snowboarders.) It has ample volume so you can annoy everybody on the trail. About $50. Available locally at Lift House ski shop at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.



Hot pockets. Look for gloves and mittens with pockets to hold shake-'em-up hand warmers. Hand warmer pockets aren't new, but more glove manufacturers are putting them in. Many Black Diamond gloves now have the pockets but most are concealed. Check for pockets when you buy, or else keep pushing that annoying warmer bag around inside your glove.