How to Dress Your Kids for Skiing

By Adventure Mom Nov 29, 2018
Tips for dressing for the slopes including choosing the right layers instead of piling them on.
 How to Dress Your Kids for Skiing

We like to think of layering like peeling an onion. In Skiing with Kids: What to Know Before You Go we shared everything you need to go ski with kids, from gear to picking the perfect terrain. Here we're going to dive deeper into dressing your kids for skiing. 

1. Think about the first layer your kid will wear

Layering is one of the best defenses to helping your children stay warm when they will be outside all day. The first layer you put on your child should be a breathable fabric. You will also want it to be tight, but not too tight. If you have thermal underwear or long johns for your children, these will be a great base layer for what your kids will wear while skiing. But stay away from cotton. We love the Hot Chillys youth under layers. 

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2. The middle layer is just as important

Do you live somewhere that is super cold? If so, when dressing your kids for skiing, you can’t skip this layer. I would suggest investing in some fleece layers and there are a ton of options out there. The middle layer will help your child stay warm.

3. Let’s get to the third layer

The third layer is one of the most important layers as this will help keep your kids from freezing!

Invest in a ski jacket that will protect your kids from the wetness and coldness of snow! Trust me, when they are outside for hours, they need all the protection they can get. Of course, ski jackets really are one of the most important parts of dressing your kids. 

There are a few aspects of a ski jacket you will want to pay attention to:

  • Pick a ski jacket that is long enough to cover some of their legs and bottom to keep them warm.

  • Invest in a ski jacket that has pockets big enough for their hats and gloves!

  • Invest in a ski jacket that can unzip to become different layers!

Right along with a waterproof jacket for skiing, you will want your kids to have a pair of waterproof pants! Tips for choosing a good pant:

  • You’ll want the pants to be adjustable, so they can grow with your kid!

  • The ski pants should be kid-friendly, so your kids can button and zip as they need to.


4. The gloves, helmet and googles 

When it comes to headwear and gloves for skiing, you have to invest in the good stuff!

You will want mittens or gloves that are easy to take on and off. Mittens will keep fingers warmer, but some kids prefer gloves. You will want to make sure the mittens or gloves can cinch up super tight to keep the snow out. We love the little glove clips that attach to the jacket and the gloves. That way when you're on a potty break or eating lunch, you won't have a missing mitten. On a really cold day, slip some hand warmers into their mittens for extra warmth. 

Helmets are a little easier to pick out. Take your kids in to try on the helmets for the right size. Most helmets can be adjusted for the perfect fit and so they'll last a few years. We like the Smith helmets for their fun colors and ease of adjusting. 

While you’re at it, make sure your kids have something to protect their necks. A simple neck gaitor will do and you can find these almost anywhere.

Don’t forget the goggles...Although they don’t seem essential, they are. Goggles help keep your kids view clear. When they are skiing down the hill, you want to make sure they can SEE! The good thing about goggles is that you can find them almost anywhere and they aren’t too expensive.

5. Ah, ski boots 

Picking a ski boot seems more complicated than picking a regular snow boot, but it's really all about size. Head over to your local ski shop and have their patient staff help you with this process. Much easier than trying to do this on your own. 

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Skiing can take a lot of energy for a parent. Helping them get dressed and undressed can be daunting. This is why you need to help your kids learn how to dress themselves. Spend time practicing before the ski trip gets here. Let your kids get dressed and then undressed, it’s great practice for them. Plus, it takes stress off of you. Learning how to ski is such a great way to teach your kids responsibility.

I’ve been on a lot of ski trips and can sound like so much work, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. Skiing is such a fun way to get your kids active and set them up for a life of loving the outdoors. I have to say that skiing is one of my favorite sports and I hope I’m passing a love of skiing down to my kids.

How do you dress your kids for skiing? Did I miss anything in the process of making sure our kids have everything they need?