How To: Look Like A Pro

By Powderhound Cat Nov 14, 2011
First in an on-going series of "How To" stories Powderhound Cat experiences firsthand going from novice to expert on the slopes.
How To: Look Like A Pro

Admit it. We all sometimes pull a rookie move and end up looking like a total gaper.

(Everyone knows what gaper means, right? No? Click here.)

No local wants to look like a tourist. No beginner wants to FEEL like, well, a beginner.

So what are the best tips?

*I personally have corrected visitors from tucking their pants (ski pants, don’t get me started on jeans) into their ski boots.

Boots Wrong (boots)

Think about it. Why would you? Plus, doesn’t that HURT?

*I fixed my skis, of course there is only one right way to carry them, and it doesn't involve wheels, or using your poles to make a "Texas suitcase":

carry-skis (carry-skis)

Mine were over my shoulder, I'm not totally clueless...they just kinda, well, fell apart...

I know as a girl you’ll get knocked if you can’t carry them correctly, even more if you let your man carry them. I personally think if you’ve got some hot guy carrying your gear, he might look whipped, but at the end of a long day everyone that points and laughs is jealous. I say go for it.

*Cut the passes. A collection of day passes on your coat dating 5 years back is bragging, unless you are bragging you haven’t washed your coat in 5 years.

Don't be a day pass collector!

gaper (gaper)

I know there are thousands of other tips, share your best with us!

Let’s start a entire comment thread on the website, and make Utah the land of correcting gaper mistakes one skier (even if it is ME) at a time.


Powderhound Cat

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