How To: Ski Solo

By Powderhound Cat Jan 9, 2015
Your favorite series is back!
How To: Ski Solo

It’s been a while since I breathed some life into my favorite series of posts. I’ve learned tons over the past four years and crossed multiple stages. One divider I see time and time again is people who love skiing solo vs. those that hate it. Passionately. It’s great to experience to enjoy skiing alone and here’s why it can be incredible.

*Control. There’s something so much fun about picking your line just for you. I could live without another “Where do you feel like going?” “Um, I don’t know what about you?” conversation ever again (put a stopwatch on a long one a couple times, it’ll change you). Love my friends, sometimes hate the lines they send me down. I’m not all about the traverse to the farthest expanse of hill when there’s perfectly good stuff right...there.

*Airplane Mode. This is for your phone and you. Shut it all off. Truly escape. Daydream. Live in your own head. Play the music you wouldn’t want us to know you were skiing to. Nothing you can do will affect anyone else’s time if you’re there with yourself.

*Real Decompression. Time with friends is invaluable, but time by yourself is healthy too. And instead of a Netflix marathon, you’re being alone and doing something that’s good for you. You can be at peace in a beautiful part of nature, and alone with your thoughts, letting them guide your mind. Especially key for the Weekend Warrior (hey I write about that a lot too).

*Cost. No one’s pressuring you to go wild on a plate of fries or buy a round of drinks. You can sneak in and sneak out. Weekend Warrior season pass holders know this is key: it’s hard to get up and get going. If you’re solo it’s on your terms. You can skip lunch.

*Singles line. If it is a busy day you have the home field advantage, so to speak. You can dodge the groups forming in the lift lines and scoot up to faster laps. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I sometimes do this even in a group…

What else do you lovers of skiing solo enjoy most about it? What do you people that despise it have problems with? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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