Utah – The Best Choice for Solo Travelers

By Paula Colman Mar 9, 2023
A solo trip to Utah may be exactly what you need!
Utah – The Best Choice for Solo Travelers

In a land where the words ‘extreme’ and ‘adventure’ should be capitalized and copyrighted, a solo trip to Utah sounds intimidating – downright ridiculous – at first. However, Utah is also the home to top-rated ski resorts that offer something for everyone, from luxurious accommodations to backcountry yurts, fine dining to urban nightlife, and family fun to, yes, solitude. So, whether you’re remote worker, single, a busy parent, college student or retiree, an experienced skier or snowboarder or just want to learn without anyone watching, a solo trip to Utah will make you consider whether you ever want to travel any other way.


Solo By Nature

Unlike many other active vacations, skiing and snowboarding are perfect for solo travelers. Foremost, no one else is necessary to do it. Although there are probably those who’ve tried, there is no such thing as two-man snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are individual activities and, for most, not sports that require others to team up with or compete against. You can enjoy skiing down a run, or dozens of runs, alone. For anyone who has ever taken a family ski vacation (and has not read this), by the end of Day 1, a solo ski trip probably sounds preferable.


Solo Skiing is Simple

While imagining herding cats, I mean, family skiing, the structural ease of a solo ski trip comes into focus. One set of equipment to rent and carry, one person to get and find on the mountain…Even choosing which runs to ride or how long to stay outside or at lunch is so much easier. A solo ski trip is a vacation with a pace that can range from relaxing to hard-charging, and one person gets to decide.

Learning Solo

For those who have never skied or snowboarded or want to improve their skills, a solo trip is ideal. Camps and clinics are offered by Utah resorts for those at every level – beginner to expert (like Deer Valley Resort's ski with a champion program, and even adaptive with Wasatch Adaptive Sports or the National Ability Center. Specialized women’s camps are also growing in number every year and, with on and off-mountain activities spanning single or multiple days, these are typically filled with solo female travelers. Private and group lessons (where solos are assembled with others of similar ability) are staples of the ski industry and available at all Utah resorts. 


Solo Doesn’t Have to Mean Alone

Some may find skiing alone…well, lonely. In a very unscientific study, skiers and snowboarders discovered that nine times out of ten, people engaged in conversation on Utah ski lifts. Yes, this is completely fabricated but probably still true. Many Utah residents and visitors sit down, take off up the mountain, look around at their beautiful surroundings and say to the folks beside them, “Having fun?” “Where are you from?” “Find any good lines?” No one will share the latter, but otherwise, these seatmates will likely find connection, advice and good humor for the next 7-12 minutes. They might even take a run or two together. 


Finding Your Way

A solo trip to Utah resorts should not be intimidating for those who have never skied or snowboarded or visited a particular resort. First, every Utah resort has a trail map (paper or digital) showing you every run on the mountain. Second, each run is designated by difficulty on that map and with signs on the mountain: green circle (easiest), blue square (Intermediate More Difficult), black diamond (Advanced Most Difficult), and double black diamond (Expert Only Extremely Difficult). Mobile digital tracking apps are also available showing you exactly where you are in relation to the mountain.

For those new to skiing or snowboarding, get an instructor to show you, not only how to get down the mountain but, where to go after the lesson is over. Additionally, mountain hosts are common at Utah ski resorts. These friendly employees and volunteers are roaming the mountain or stationed at popular points providing guests with trail recommendations and any other helpful on-mountain tips. Some resorts provide free guided tours of certain areas or topics giving solo and other travelers deeper insight into what’s available on and off-piste. 


Utah Skiing is the Best Choice for Solo Travellers

A solo ski trip to Utah doesn’t seem as ‘extreme’ anymore. However, if you are looking for more solo adventure, Utah offers some of the best snowcat, heli-skiing, and backcountry, including the epic Interconnect Tour, as well. So, whether you’re new to skiing and snowboarding or just looking for an easy getaway on your own, Utah has something for everyone…and, indeed, for just one, too.