Fresh Tracks at The Bird | 2018 Improvements

By Local Lexi Nov 19, 2018
Big improvements and changes coming to the Snowbird Center.
Fresh Tracks at The Bird | 2018 Improvements

It’s been a summer full of hustle up Little Cottonwood Canyon, home of Utah’s iconic resort, Snowbird. Having completed a massive remodel of the Cliff Lodge and adding The Summit at Hidden Peak, Snowbird set its sights upon making improvements to the Snowbird Center, the building the tram calls home. The reasons to pay Snowbird a visit this winter are mounting as fast as the snowfall totals and they'll be waiving the checkered flags and opening soon!

Snowbird Center Improvements

If you visited Snowbird in the summer or during Oktoberfest, you may have seen big changes underway at the Snowbird Center, hub of all things and the heart of Snowbird Village. Before Snowbird shut down operations in mid-May, skiers and boarders would have noticed big, mysterious blue walls and the reverberation of heavy equipment. The list of enhancements to the guest experience at the Snowbird Center is lengthy and it was a project that was long overdue. The Snowbird Center has dutifully served the powder-adoring public for over 45 years with very few renovations!

The first zone to fall victim to an onslaught of sledgehammers were the bathrooms on Level 2. The women’s bathroom has been expanded, a family restroom has been added, and all fixtures have been updated for the comfort of guests. Smaller projects were also tackled such as the expansion of the Tram Car Pizza joint and the Baked and Brewed Café. The biggest hurdle in the construction project was the infill of the large western courtyard in the center. This was to expand the acreage of the outdoor plaza and add a neat lounge area to Level 2 of the Snowbird Center. The new lounge will be an excellent place for skiers and boarders to dry off after endless powder runs. It will feature comfy couches and additional tables and chairs to savor lunch or snacks.

Plan on more pleasant surprises next season as the master plan for the Snowbird Center includes additional improvements and upgrades to this busy refuge for mountain enthusiasts.

Other Snowbird Center enhancements include:

  • Rebuilding the Forklift Restaurant patio and outdoor bar to better suit aprés enjoyment

  • Additional day lockers for guests on Level 1

  • A new Smart Wall featuring an impressive real-time informational display

  • Charging stations for phones, GoPros, cameras, and other electronics


Peruvian & Chickadee Pedestrian Bridges

Newly completed, the Chickadee Pedestrian Bridge is a huge boon to visitors and guests of Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge. Gone are the days of struggling across the snowy slope of the Chickadee ski run, dodging newly minted skiers and snowboarders. The Chickadee Bridge elegantly crosses the entire expanse of the Chickadee ski run providing guests with epic views while granting convenient access to the Snowbird Center. Shredders will simply ski underneath the 491-foot trestle bridge while adoring parents, friends, partners, or spouses can watch from above. A second bridge spans 70 feet, connecting the base of the Peruvian Chairlift to the plaza area. This network of bridges will surely ease transit headaches between the Cliff and the Snowbird Center, especially for the guests who may have had one too many in the infamous Tram Club.

New Cliff Lodge Restaurant

The restaurant space formerly known as El Chanate, located on Level 1 of the The Cliff Lodge, has been completely demolished and reinvented to bring an exciting new dining experience to Snowbird and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Views have been improved and maximized and diners will appreciate unobstructed views of Peruvian Gulch from tiered seating and outdoor patios studded with cozy fire pits. The size of the restaurant has been expanded to accommodate additional diners, private groups, and functions. With a sophisticated, retro feel, the new Cliff restaurant will bring an entirely unique vibe to the canyon in 2019. Expect to find delicious eats or beverages for breakfast, lunch, aprés, and dinner. A tempting bar menu will also lure skiers looking to unwind after a day on the slopes.

These improvements represent a major evolution for Snowbird and the comfort and enjoyment of its guests. Skiers and snowboarders will also notice considerable upgrades to the snowmaking capabilities on the mountain. Conferences, groups, and organizations can utilize new meeting rooms and spaces installed on Level 10 of the Cliff Lodge. The addition of a new executive boardroom will serve as an inspiring space to conduct important business and meetings for guests.

Not that you really needed an excuse to book a trip to Snowbird, but the changes around the resort this season provide an added lure for those serious about skiing and shredding without sacrificing creature comforts.