Stellar Mountain Biking Lessons in Utah

By Local Lexi Jul 31, 2019
Find where to sign up for mountain biking lessons at a handful of Utah's ski resorts and say goodbye to those summer blues!
Stellar Mountain Biking Lessons in Utah

Many of us learned to ride a bike as young children and that often-repeated phrase, "It's like riding a bike," can underscore the importance of honing your fundamental bike handling skills.

Mountain biking lessons can benefit everyone, from the timid newbie to the seasoned trailblazer. I took my first mountain biking lesson after 8 years of riding and I honestly regret waiting so long. Though I was comfortable on intermediate and expert terrain, I discovered my body positioning needed work and I had been cornering incorrectly the whole time!

Luckily, a few Utah ski resorts offer a stellar range of mountain biking lessons to fit the needs of just about any rider. You probably wouldn't attempt skiing or snowboarding without first taking a lesson and the same guideline applies to mountain biking. Read on to discover why...


Why Take A Mountain Biking Lesson?

Like skiing and snowboarding, many of the motions and techniques associated with mountain biking aren't all that intuitive. Covering some basics and learning the lingo is the best possible thing you can do to support rapid progression. (Learn more about how to prepare for your first ski lesson here.) With a solid foundation, you can more readily tackle trails, build confidence, and engage in sound decision making on the dirt. A lesson can be helpful for the following reasons: 
  • Quickly master the skills you need to ride in control and within your ability level
  • Learn how to read trail maps and evaluate trail conditions
  • Cover basic Leave No Trace Principles and trail etiquette 
  • Learn how to effectively and politely communicate with other trail users while cycling
  • A lesson can help you avoid forming bad habits -- like not bending your knees enough or cornering incorrectly
  • Learn drills and exercises to practice on your own
  • Gain valuable feedback about your technique and body position
  • Advanced and intermediate riders can also greatly benefit from a lesson, there's always a new skill to learn or refine!

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What to Expect and What to Bring on Your First Mountain Biking Lesson

If it's only your first or second time on a mountain bike, consider investing in a private lesson. The instructor will be able to completely focus on your needs and you'll be up to speed in no time. If you've completed a few rides and are comfortable on green or blue trails, a group lesson is a great place to kick off your biking education. 

As with any new sport, it can be difficult to keep track of your body parts and where they should be or what they ought to be doing. An instructor will keep an eye on you and help harness your attention to focus on specific skills relating to body positioning, cornering, pedal positioning, shifting, braking, climbing, descending and navigating obstacles.

You will likely begin your lesson on flat ground and review some basics, cover the parts and functions of your bike, and try out some simple drills. Once you've built some confidence, your instructor will lead you to an appropriate trail to put your learnings into action. 

All the resorts mentioned below offer bike rentals. You are welcome to bring your own bike; however, it is highly recommended that you have a full-suspension mountain bike. All the resorts offer awesome, modern bikes tricked out with the latest tech for both kids and adults.

When preparing for your lesson, be sure to bring the basics: water, sunscreen, lip balm, and snacks. Your instructor will carry a first aid kit and any tools or supplies you may need to fix a mechanical issue on the trail. For a list of things that you'll eventually want to collect for your bike pack, check out our article on tips for mountain biking beginners.

Where to Book a Mountain Bike Lesson in Utah

Mountain Biking Lessons at Deer Valley Resort
Deer Valley Resort offers a wide variety of lessons and clinics. From intro courses for beginners, private lessons, clinics, or group lessons for kids, Deer Valley has something for every biker. It is recommended to make advance reservations for mountain biking lessons at Deer Valley. You'll find the following lesson types available: 

• Private Bike Lessons
Work on skills and techniques that are personalized for your ability and progression. Find confidence on singletrack trails and learn how to safely navigate downhill mountain biking trails. Improve at your pace and enjoy diligent coaching and undivided attention. Private lessons are available for adults or children of all abilities.

• Adult Afternoon Beginner Package
Begin in the Deer Valley Skills Area and learn some basic techniques before hitting the downhill trails. Learn about proper stance, braking techniques, and conquer cornering. A 3-hour bike rental and lift ticket are included.


• Kid Afternoon Beginner Package
Kids who are new to the sport or have limited experience can gain a lot from a beginning lesson at Deer Valley. Kids will learn basics in the Skills Area before progressing to the Deer Valley downhill trails. A 3-hour bike rental and lift ticket are included.

Twilight Clinics
Twilight Clinics are offered for men and women on Tuesday evenings during Deer Valley's summer operations. Coaches will share tips and tricks to improve skills and knowledge of Deer Valley's extensive trail network. Five riders are grouped together - for riders of intermediate or advanced ability levels.

• 3-Hour Adult Clinic
Riders 14 years of age or older who are beginners or intermediates can book a morning lesson. Lessons for any ability level are available in the afternoon. A minimum of two riders is necessary to run the clinic. 

• 3-Hour Kids Clinic
Beginning and intermediate riders aged 9-13 can book a morning clinic while afternoon clinics are available for all ability levels. A minimum of two riders is necessary to run the clinic. 

• E-Bike Tours
Not keen on pedaling? You can still explore the trails of Deer Valley with afternoon tours on an electronic bike (E-bike) for riders 12 and older.

Mountain Biking Lessons at Brian Head Resort
Brian Head offers Level One Beginner Downhill Mountain Biking Lessons on the new Color Flow trail. The 3-hour lessons are limited to six students and will cover basic downhill techniques, cornering, and braking. Focus on these three key areas will help riders find the confidence to explore new trails and face more intimidating obstacles. Brian Head offers a package deal for a lesson, a half-day lift ticket, and a half-day bike rental. Reservations are highly recommended.

Complimentary guided mountain biking tours are also offered daily on the Color Flow trail during summer operations.

Mountain Biking Lessons at Sundance Resort

Sundance offers mountain biking skills clinics for all levels. Clinics are run on a daily basis during operating hours and must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. Clinics can be tailored to all ability levels from beginner to advanced and are offered daily in the summer.

• Skills Clinic
This 3-hour clinic is ideal for beginners and advanced riders alike. Clinics are offered in AM and PM sessions.

• Ladies Day Mountain Biking Clinics
Female instructors lead clinics for like-minded women focusing on establishing a solid foundation of skills. Group sizes are small and instructors will provide individualized advice and pointers. Following the clinic, enjoy lunch from the Sundance Deli. Women are welcome to extend their rental and lift passes for the remainder of the day. 

White Pine Touring Mountain Biking Lessons

White Pine Touring in Park City, Utah offers bike rentals and comprehensive mountain bike lessons for riders of all abilities. Local guides teach proper bike handling, pedal skills, and will completely tailor the lesson for their student's needs. Instructors will work with their students to focus on desired areas of improvement and specific goals. White Pine has a rental fleet encompassing cross country, trail, and fat bikes and their knowledgeable staff will match each rider to their perfect rental. 

• Mountain Biking 101
This class for beginners establishes the foundations for new cyclists. The class will begin on appropriate trails and quickly unroll basic skills to move on to more challenging trails.

• Mountain Biking 201
Riders with more experience can sign up for the 201 class to practice their technique and progression. Focused lessons on bike handling will assist riders in advancing to more challenging terrain in Park City and beyond. 

• Mountain Biking 301
Intermediate and expert riders can take a 301 class from White Pine to improve their technical skills on alpine trails and high elevation terrain. Gain new confidence and efficiency while navigating obstacles with more speed and skill.

• Women's Mountain Bike Clinics
Join female instructors in small classes to learn new skills in a fun and pressure-free learning environment. Women will learn body positioning, shifting, and many more fundamentals that translate to confidence on the trails. 

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