The Wasatch Crest Trail - It's Got a Shuttle!

By Tim Roberts Jul 22, 2009
The Wasatch Crest Trail - It's Got a Shuttle!

This morning a couple of us here at the Ski Utah world headquarters played hooky for a couple of hours to go ride one of Utah's best mountain biking trails: The Wasatch Crest. The Crest starts at or near the top of Guardsman's pass and after an initial climb up "Puke Hill" it's almost all downhill running along the ridgeline between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Park City, before dropping into Millcreek Canyon and finally descending into Salt Lake City. You even get to take in the great views of Brighton and Solitude before you pass the lifts of The Canyons.

It's a great trail with plenty of surfy curves, technical descents, and fantastic single track. The only problem is how to get to the top. (Granted real hardcores ride from the bottom of Millcreek to the top, but, I ain't one of them.) Used to be the only option was to park a car at the bottom of Millcreek, ride with a buddy to the top, ride the trail, then drive all the way back up Big Cottonwood to get your drop vehicle. Talk about wasting gas and your precious time. Well, what some people don't know is that the Wasatch Crest has a shuttle!

Thanks to Andrew Duggins and his Wasatch Crest Shuttle, you can now save some gas, some C02 and some time. For an incredibly reasonable price, the more people you have the cheaper it gets, Andrew will toss you bike in the trailer behind his 15 passenger van and drive your lazy butt to the top of Big Cottonwood. It's a convenient way to experience a fantastic trail.

Today we found great conditions on the trail starting at about 7:45 in the morning. The sky's were clear and the view were awesome. Go ride the Wasatch Crest trail before the snow starts falling. Keep in mind that Millcreek Canyon's upper trails are only open to bikes on EVEN Numbered days. So, don't try to ride the trail on an Odd numbered day or risk a ticket. You can do a different loop down to the bottom of the Desolation Trail back into Big Cottonwood Canyon on odd days.

img_2092-450x337 (img_2092-450x337)
Now this is how you start the morning.
img_2093-450x337 (img_2093-450x337)
Andrew Duggins and Chris Pearson at the bottom of Millcreek
img_2095-450x337 (img_2095-450x337)
Bikes on the trailer.
img_2099-450x337 (img_2099-450x337)
At the top of Guardsman's Pass.
img_2102-450x599 (img_2102-450x599)
The Wasatch Crest Trail
img_2108-450x337 (img_2108-450x337)
The Wasatch Crest Trail
img_2113-450x337 (img_2113-450x337)
The Wasatch Crest Trail
img_2105-450x337 (img_2105-450x337)
It was this big. Solitude and Brighton in the background.