Shady Summer Mountain Bike Trails

By Abby Stanislaw Jun 12, 2024
Looking to escape the heat? Check out these high alpine shady mountain bike trails to help you stay cool on the hottest of days.
Shady Summer Mountain Bike Trails

Trying to escape the heat and become reunited with that high alpine feeling you miss from the winter? Mountain biking through gladed trails is a great way to reconnect with high alpine landscapes, feel the thrill of moving quickly through trees, and maintain a reasonable temperature on the hottest summer days.


Here are my favorite shady summer mountain bike trails for you to explore this summer:

Road to WOS - Park City, Utah: 

Located about 20 minutes east of downtown SLC, in the Summit Park neighborhood at the top of Parley’s Summit lies the Road to WOS. This short loop is fun, flowy, and 100% in the trees. It is roughly 3.1 miles long with a little over 700 feet of climbing and there are a few different places you can begin. It is a great after-work pedal for those looking for something close to Salt Lake and is easy to do multiple loops in one visit. Note: the trailhead has limited parking so carpool if you can!

WOW (Wasatch Over Wasatch) - Midway, Utah: 

This 9-mile shuttle ride drops you from the back side of Deer Valley Resort into Midway, UT. With pine trees, aspens, and rock features, WOW has a little bit of something for everyone! This trail was recently rebuilt last year and I highly recommend checking out the new rebuild. 

Armstrong to Spiro - Park City, Utah: 

If you’re looking to get on one of Park City’s legendary trails, look no further than Armstrong to Spiro. This loop is roughly 9 miles long and provides you with 1,500 feet of climbing. This trail offers a shady climb from the base of Park City Mountain and has only a few sections exposed to the sun, providing a great escape from the summer heat. Armstrong is a very popular hiking and biking trail so be prepared to encounter other trail users when on this ride. Spiro is a fast and flowy downhill which provides quite the adrenaline rush through the trees and switchbacks. This loop is another great after-work loop that pairs well with a Wasatch Brew Pub Last One Down in the parking lot (please drink responsibly). 

Robertson Pasture - Monticello, Utah: 

A hidden gem in Southern Utah, Robertson Pasture and Spring Creek are shady, flowy, multi-use trails. This trail consists of fun downhill sections, creek crossings, and enjoyable climbs protected from the southern Utah sun by high desert foliage. It can be ridden as an out-and-back or as a loop if you’re up for some sections on the road. 

A couple of reminders for riding:

  • Take it easy on multi-use trails: don’t scare the hikers and remember your trail etiquette!
  • Stay on top of bike maintenance throughout the summer
  • Stay hydrated and bring layers: whenever doing high alpine rides there is a risk of unexpected weather. Make sure to pack a rain jacket or wind shell (my favorite is the Stio Second Light Windshell).
  • Enjoy the riding this summer! Stay safe, stay in control and have fun!