3 Great Gifts for Your Parents

By Yeti Dec 22, 2017
Skip the fruitcake. Go for one of these gifts. They’ll make the holiday easy for you and sweet for your parents.
3 Great Gifts for Your Parents

Skip the fruitcake. Go for one of these gifts. They’ll make the holiday easy for you and sweet for your parents. 

Gift #1. Private ski or snowboard lesson: A gift of fun and confidence.

The best reason to give your parents a private lesson is so they’ll enjoy more of the mountain and have more fun. 

“Even good skiers get stuck in ruts”—said Tim Wolfgram, director of Snowsports Services at Solitude Snowsports Academy.


“Private lessons build confidence,” said Leslie Blank, snowsports school director at Brighton. Private lessons will let parents move at their own pace. Or, they can get a little out of the comfort zone and try something new.

 Senior Skiing Photo

It’s a treat to have the undivided attention of a skilled instructor who can refresh skills or move the needle a little bit further.


Gift #2. Professional photo: A gift of priceless memories.

Put down the selfie stick. Let a pro take some photos of your parents before they age-out or hang up their gear.

 Parent Photo

Action photos capture their inner pro and make them look like Olympians whether they’re on steep terrain or a gentle slope. Or, you might prefer getting the whole clan together for a family portrait at a scenic spot. Bright colors show up better than dark colors, said Dobber Price, owner of Peak Photo at Alta, now in its 28th year of ski photography.

Mountain photographers will take great photos with absolutely no cost and no obligation. Really. But it’s a good idea to plan ahead to coordinate a location and time with the photographer.

 • Location: Alta Ski Area - Peak Photo. On the mountain in bright yellow jackets and banners. Based in Albion Day Lodge. 

 • Location: Deer Valley Resort -  SharpShooters Imaging/Magic Memories. They wear yellow with gray jackets on the mountain and have signs. You can post their photos to social media. 435-649-0244. 

 • Location: Park City Mountain. EpicMix photography. On the mountain in bright green jackets. They take photos plus an app to share them. 

 • Location: Snowbasin Resort - Face Shots Photography. They shoot on weekends and holidays and send tweets about their location.         

 • Location: Snowbird - Smiley’s Mountain Photo. On the mountain in bright yellow jackets and flags. Based on the 2nd level of the Tram building. 


Gift #3. Ski tuning: A gift that makes skiing easier.

Tuned and waxed skis slide and turn more easily. And your parents won’t get as tired because they won’t use as much energy,” said Brayden Morgan, head of rentals at Alta Ski Shop. Your parents might even slide right past their buddies on the flats, he said.


Many shops will inspect skis and give a no-cost assessment of what needs to be done. Often, the skis just need to be waxed. Or, if they haven’t been tuned or waxed for a long time, they might need more work. “It’s all about safety and the quality of turns,” said Brett Pergrossi, rental manager at Snowbird.


Here’s a tip: Gift certificates. Ask your favorite resort about a gift certificate – or buy it directly from the service you choose. Buy it. Wrap it. Give it. Done.


Bonus Gift! The Ski Utah Fat Snowflake Buff: A gift of comfort and style.

It’s thin and breathable but it’s warm. It shows off Ski Utah’s fat snowflake design in blue, red or pink. This is the perfect addition to any other gift


The holiday is solved. Aren’t these gifts better than fruitcake?


Harriet Wallis has been a ski writer, editor and photographer forever. She learned to ski on a dare when she was in her mid 30s and has been blabbing about it ever since. Read more from Harriet at Senior Skiing http://www.seniorsskiing.com/