Six Reasons to Take Your Grandkids to the Slopes

By Yeti Mar 11, 2019
Studies show that of kids who ski with a grandparent, nearly 95% continue the sport when they grow up. Here are 6 reasons to take to the slopes with kids.
Six Reasons to Take Your Grandkids to the Slopes

Words by Harriet Wallis

When grandparents get involved with their young'uns on the slopes, the experience sticks. Of the kids who ski with a grandparent, nearly 95 percent continue the sport when they grow up.

What's more, skiing is one of the few sports that's multi-generational. Kids can do it. Parents can do it. Grandparents can do it. Call it a 3G sport (three generation). And 3G holidays are a growing trend in the ski industry.

My good friend Lanie took a 3G holiday in Big Cottonwood Canyon just a few miles from her home. Frazzled from her busy work schedule, she wanted some quality family time and ski time. They rented an on-mountain cabin and enjoyed more than they expected.

"After skiing, the kids played in the snow right outside the cabin door. Kids loved it because we don't get snow like that at our home in the valley," she said.

"My parents could take a nap, and we all just wound down. But we were together. We ate out a lot. No cooking. No dishes." 

6 Good Reasons to Take Your Grandkids Skiing or Riding

Kids remember fun days in the snow with grandparents. And they cherish the undivided attention. "I loved to hang out with my grandparent. They'd let me do things my parents wouldn't let me do," said Tom, a Park City Mountain Resort ski instructor. 

Kids will tell you things on a chairlift that they'd never tell you in the living room. It might be about school, a sibling, or a wild idea about what they want to be when they grow up. 

Or they might make you laugh. "Riding the lift with my grandkids is like an episode from the old Art Linkletter show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things," said Ed, a Snowbird granddad.

Precious time
Grandparents usually have more time than parents. Taking a grandkid skiing can give parents a break from child-rearing if just a day at a time. Better yet, plan a 3G weekend or holiday. It's win-win for everybody. 

The price is right
Seniors often get a discounted ticket rate and kids do too at some resorts. Taking one child can be a whole lot more cost effective than a family trying to schlep the whole clan.  

At Brighton, two kids 10 and under ski free with each paying adult. At Powder Mountain, Snowbasin Resort and Snowbird, kids 6 and under ski free. Tots 4 and under ski free at Deer Valley Resort. And watch for deals that pop up during the season. 

Larry Green and granddaughter 1jpg

Ready for more
When kids are introduced to skiing or riding by a grandparent, they're primed for more. Savvy grandparents know that when kids are having fun in the snow, that's all that matters. Technique comes later. (See our post on ski lessons)

"I ask kids in my class why they're here, and they almost always say, 'My grandparent took me skiing and it's fun,'" said Certified Brighton Ski Instructor Lenny Bernstein.

Best reason of all: FUN
It's just plain fun to be outdoors doing something you really love while introducing your little buddy to your sport. Call it Grandparent Power. There's nothing like it. 

Tell us your favorite part of taking your grandkids skiing in the comments below!

Harriet Wallis has been a ski writer, editor and photographer forever. She learned to ski on a dare when she was in her mid-30s and has been blabbing about it ever since. Read more from Harriet at Senior Skiing.