A couples massage..the Sundance way!

By Mountain Mama Feb 2, 2012
If you are the type of person who loves solitude, beauty and everything done low key, Sundance is the place. My husband and I checked out the Sundance Spa for a couples massage...still trying to wake up!
A couples massage..the Sundance way!

I'm going to come out and say..I'm a no frills gal.  If I could live in my hiking boots and hiking pants, I would.  I got into the television industry and had never even owned a tube of lipstick.  A brush and flat iron, what's that?  So, needless to say, indulging in a full massage and really treating myself to relax...never done that either!  Come on, I'm too busy lugging 2 kids up and down to the ski resorts.  When given the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Sundance Spa, hello...

If you've never been to Sundance resort, you're missing out on one of the most beautiful places in Utah.  Really!  It is tucked into the shadow of Mt Timpanogas.  It means the "river of rock" and the legend is:

"As the story goes, young Indian princess Utahna, was to be sacrificed to the Great God of Timpanogos. After Utahna made her sacrificial leap from the top of Mount Timpanogos, the brokenhearted Indian warrior, Red Eagle, laid her to rest inside Timpanogos cave. The two hearts melded into one and can now be seen hanging deep inside the cave as the Great Heart of Timpanogos, formed through several stalactites. Other accounts claim the great spirits hung Utahna’s heart within the cave and laid her body on top of the mountain as a warning. Looking closely at the skyline of majestic Mount Timpanogos, the outline of the sleeping princess can be seen."

Robert Redford sums it up on a writing on the way of his resort:

"This place in the mountains is the perfect host for the inspiration of ideas...nature and creativity obey the same laws to the same end...life"  I've got a photo attached with the full quote.

When you arrive at Sundance, there is peace.  There are no huge buildings, no massive restaurants, no chain hotels...just quiet and serenity.  It is what is reflected as you walk into the Spa.  The building blends in with the envrionment, as all buildings at Sundance.  There is quiet Native American music playing, everything is the rustic wood that flows through the resort and you'll also notice...few people!  Now, if you're into being all social, running to the steam room.. not going to find it here.  You want peace and warm, this is your place.   We are greeted when we walk in and taken to the changing room where we get on our fluffy robes and sandals.  We are offered tea or water and cozy up by the fire.  Right out the window...snow.  A reminder, you are in the mountains at a resort.  You're not looking at another building or even worse, no windows at all.  My husband and I chat quietly..come on, you know what I mean parents, normally you're shouting above the voices of kids begging for something.  Our 2 massage therapists arrive and talk about our treatment of the day.  We're having the Romance Package #1.  We'll get a hot stone foot soak by the fire followed by the plum spice body polish and a 50 minute full body massage.  Then....strawberries and champagne back by the fire!  Yep, we deserve this!

The Spa is very intimate.  There is one couples room and 5 individual rooms.  The chances of you running into someone there rambling on about their job or something else is rare.  There are 2 beds side by side in the couples room.  We enjoy our body polish first.  Then we head back out to wash off.  One problem, we're already too relaxed.  So, we actually stumble over the shower and back into the couples room.  Now, we're warm, have soft skin, are half in a coma and now the full massage.  When we're done, we take our time in getting up and getting ourselves back over the fireplace.  We are given our privacy to regroup.  As my husband puts it, "I never really fell asleep, but I went into a completely peaceful place".  It think it is because of the quiet, quaint setting. 

We finish up with being served champagne and chocolate covered strawberries while sitting by the fireplace.  If that's not your choice, you can have wine and cheese or non-alcoholic beverages.  I'm looking around as to how I can possibly just move here!  It was a fabulous afternoon and now...back to get the kids!

The Sundance Spa has many different services, not just the Couples Packages.  They also offer services for young kids!  I did a story back in November with Brennan at the spa.  It is a great service as many families go on vacation together.  A special through the month of February just for you reading this blog is 20% off any spa service when you mention you saw the blog!!!  Also a great deal for parents...if your kids are enrolled in ski school at Sundance throughout the season, you can get 20% off any service.  Definitely something to think about as you're planning out your spare time.  Or....Valentines Day is around the corner!

My favorite restaurant is at Sundance. You must have a visit there as well...The Tree Room.  There is also the infamous Owl Bar as well.

Sundance is a must visit place you must put on your list!