Ski City: A Destination Unlike Any Other

By Travel Tips and Deals Dec 18, 2018
Unlike any other ski destination, Salt Lake offers limitless choices to make the most of your vacation time and money.
Ski City: A Destination Unlike Any Other

Salt Lake isn’t a sleepy mountain town. 

Do you want to experience it all, taste it all, and explore it all? Do you like snow? Then you need a ski destination unlike any other – Salt Lake. 

Salt Lake is a city where outdoor adventure meets urban vibe, with a big dose passionate local culture. You’ll find restaurants with innovative, locally sourced, menus; beer tastings, indie-film screenings, and a downtown scene to rival most any city. And you can be on the slopes at Alta, Brighton, Solitude, and Snowbird in roughly 30 minutes. All of this adds up make Salt Lake a destination with unlimited options for residents and visitors alike.

Bartender at The Peruvian Bar at Alta Ski Resort

While Salt Lake is known for its snow, there’s much more to do, see, taste, and try. To get the most out of a visit, it helps to think like a local instead of limiting yourself to the tour-bus mentality. Why not choose a different adventure every day? Here are some ideas:

Choose Your Adventure

Shop local. Visit some of the large collection of craft breweries, coffee roasters, and restaurants showcasing locally sourced ingredients (locals have been known to boycott big coffee chains).

Get active. With four ski resorts within 30 minutes of downtown, hiking trails even closer, plus biking, climbing, and more, there’s always something active to do. Salt Lake also has numerous indoor climbing gyms where you can keep going well into the night.

Explore the arts.
Salt Lake is home to an active live music scene, live theater, mind stimulating talks, dance, and museums. Most are within minutes of area hotels. Even the world famous Sundance Film Festival holds events in multiple downtown locations.

Arts Events Culture ArtCenter

With so many options, it may be hard to know where to start. Here’s my “two cents” to get you started:

Planning Your Stay

First, check for lodging deals and packages on the Ski City Deals page. Sometimes hotels will toss in a free night with a minimum stay, while others may include a Super Pass. This way you can direct more funds to coffee pour-overs, beer sampling, or shows.

Ski them all with Super Pass. The Super Pass is smart spending because it costs less than paying at the window and gives you options to ski where you want each day. Yup, you heard me right, the Super Pass lets you pick between Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude. The discounts start when you buy three days, and increase as you buy more. Plus, you have 14 days to use your passes, upping your flexibility. 

Did you know you can ski all 4 resorts with a Super Pass?

Take your adventure off the slopes. Plan a day to see a show, museum hop, try beer sampling at a local brewery (Epic’s Big Bad Baptist could rock your world), or check out some of Salt Lake’s offbeat shopping destinations. If you’re a foodie (like me), plan a dining adventure. From funky cafes to Michelin-Starred restaurants, local chefs each turn out imaginative fare.

Food from the Avenues Bistro

Mixing up the schedule is especially valuable with traveling with kiddos. They tend to rebel when subjected to day after day of “same” even if it’s fun. My advice is to alternate between snowsports and other fun stuff. Even if you sub in a half-day instead of a full, it will help. Perhaps ski until lunch and then head to the Living Planet Aquarium, the Leonardo, or take a walk around This Is The Place Heritage Park.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium by cifraser1jpg

Pack walking shoes and snow boots; in Ski City you’ll need both.

Travel eco and save. 
The Wasatch is stunning and needs protection. Luckily, Utah Transit Service (UTA) provides transportation up and down the canyons, it’s called the Ski Bus. And if you buy a Super Pass, your UTA Ski Bus rides are FREE! This means you can skip renting a car, protect the environment, and relax on the ride rather than drive. You’ll even get dropped off right at the front door of the resort! Even better, Snowbird, and soon others, offer rewards for carpooling or riding the Ski Bus. All you need is the R.I.D.E. App (coming very soon!)


Pack smart. With so much to do, packing for a trip to Salt Lake can be a little more intense than other ski destinations. The trick is to lean on multi-purpose pieces that can be worn in the lodge, or out on the town. Also, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfy walking shoes in addition to your snow boots; in Ski City you’ll need both.



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Image of Loveland Living Planet Aquarium by Cifraser1 via Flickr Creative Commons License.