Preseason Training at Snogression

By Snowboard Muse Oct 21, 2014
Snogression is a facility designed to help kids and athletes alike learn air awareness in a low consequence environment.
Preseason Training at Snogression

Preseason training should be a part of every snow sport athlete’s routine. It is pretty easy to go to the gym to strengthen your legs and core, but what about keeping your air awareness sharp? There are very few places and ways to learn your flips and air style in a safe, controlled environment. Snogression is the place.
The other day I went to Snogression, a training facility specifically designed to help athletes learn and progress their air awareness. They have an amazing set-up: super tramps, fly beds, foam pits, and a full-on fake snow ramp. I had a blast checking this place out. I got to talk with some pros and groms from Team Utah while getting in on the action as well! Check out the edit to see what this place is all about!
If you want to take your skills to the next level head to Snogression. They have all kinds of sessions to help you achieve your full potential, including free ride and 1-on-1 coached sessions.
For more information on Snogression:
2855 South 1030 West
South Salt Lake, Utah 84119
Team Utah is a non-profit that makes snowboarding more accessible by spreading the costs of the sport across an ever growing group of people. We also make snowboarding more geographically accessible by hosting programs at multiple locations. Team Utah currently hosts programs at 9 different locations in Utah during the winter. We offer cross training, internships, industry involvement, and global travel to our members year round. For more information visit:
A huge thanks to:
Croshane Hillyard at Croshane Media for the help with the edit/film
Team Utah
LJ Strenio for sharing your words and epic footage (Full LJ edit) Athlete page
Ally Dax
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