Sundance Film Festival Brings Epic Pow

Snowboard Muse

By Snowboard Muse \ January 26 2016

This time of the year Park City becomes inundated with city slickers from LA for the Sundance Film Festival. Mother Nature tends to bring these totally underprepared and underdressed people lots of snow every year. Who knew Mother Nature has such a fantastic sense of humor! We took full advantage of this last storm. Had a super fun morning at Park City (Canyons side). I hit this log jib over Canis Lupis that has intimidated me for years. About a 15 foot fall to the deck if I blew it. The following day I took kicker out for his 1st puppy powder tour. Apparently he takes after me displaying his 1st Tomahawk... Such a proud moment for me!  Make sure to keep up with the Tiny Home Adventure on Instagram!



Andrew Muse, originally from North Shore, Massachusetts. Followed his passion for the mountains and snow and moved to Utah at age 17. Nine years later he works as a professional snowboarder and content creator for brands like GoPro, Rossignol and SkiUtah. Traveling the country in his van with his pup Kicker, producing a travel series called "Tiny Home Adventure".

Hero Shot Cred

Photographer: Croshane Hillyard
Location: Canyons resort
Athlete: Andrew Muse