Utah's Hidden Gems: Beaver Mountain

By Adventure Mom Mar 26, 2019
Discover Beaver Mountain: an off the beaten path ski resort nestled in Northern Utah. This mom and pop resort is one you won't want to miss.
Utah's Hidden Gems: Beaver Mountain

Some of the best places to visit are those hidden gems that nobody really knows about. Not only do you get the luxury of exploring these places without a ton of people, but you get to fully experience everything the place has to offer without lines and wait times.

One of the best places we discovered was the hidden gem of Beaver Mountain. This quaint little ski resort has more to offer than what meets the eye. But….Shhhhh….don’t….tell….anyone!

About Beaver Mountain

Over the years, Beaver Mountain has become a legend in creating amazing family opportunities. This quaint little ski resort is one of the finest small ski areas in Northern Utah and has been family owned and operated since 1939.

Those who keep it going believe in a personal touch and pride themselves in seeing that individual skiers, both young and old, receive special treatment and have the best time they can possibly have. For example, the owner still stamps the lift tickets by hand and works at the ticket office!


Here are a few things you can enjoy at Beaver Mountain:

1. Ski Lessons

Whether you plan to ski all season or just a few times, ski lessons are something everyone can enjoy. The instructors are carefully selected for strong teaching skills, friendly personalities and a passion for what they do.

A single ski lessons can be as inexpensive as $20. That's right. You read it right! Take a look at the private lesson prices below:

Prices for Private Lessons

  • $65 for 1 hr, $20 for each additional person

  • $110 for 2 hrs, $35 for each additional person

  • $155 for 3 hrs, $50 for each additional person

  • $200 for 4 hours, $65 for each additional person

  • $245 for 5 hours, $80 for each additional person

You can also get group lessons, children’s lessons, adult lessons and women’s only lessons. 


2. Affordable Day Passes

If you have a family, you know how important it is to save money. At Beaver Mountain, you can have fun on all the slopes, all day long, for an affordable price. Adult passes are only $50 for a full day pass. While children’s passes are about $30. So, a whole family can easily enjoy the slopes for a reasonable price.

3. Picnics

Whether you are there for winter or summer, Beaver Mountain allows you to pack and bring your own food. This makes it a great place for picnics and family outings. You can bring them in their lodge OR have a fun family tailgate party! 


4. Lodging

You don’t have to worry about finding lodging that is close enough to Beaver Mountain. Instead, you can just stay at one of the many resorts right around the Beaver Mountain area. Here are just a few lodging options that make this visit even more magical:

  1. Water's Edge Resort at Bear Lake in Garden City Utah - This family-friendly resort is only 20-minutes away from Beaver Mountain.

  2. Beaver Mountain Yurt - Right on Beaver Mountain, the Yurt lets you be the first to get to the hill in the morning while you sleep next to the slopes.

  3. Bear Lake Cabin Rentals - Spend your time with your loved ones in some of the best cabins around.

Beaver Mountain makes a great winter outing for families, but there are also many other hidden gems all season long:

This super family-friendly ski resort is definitely one of those hidden gems you don’t want to pass up. Have you been to Beaver Mountain? Share your experience in the comments below!