West Monitor (Backcountry Skiing)

By Powderhound Matt Dec 17, 2010
On Thursday a group of us decided to tour out to West Monitor the 3rd tallest mountain on the Park City ridge line. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think?

On Thursday morning, after checking the avalanche conditions a group of us decided to tour out to West Monitor.  The easiest way to access West Monitor is from the top of 9,990 at Canyons.  From there, you can head off into the backcountry. When conditions are good, the combined hike and skin should take under an hour and if you know your way you can end up back at the bottom of the Dreamcatcher lift at Canyons Resort. In my opinion, West Monitor has one of the largest, steepest and wide open bowls on the Park City ridge line.  Here are tallest peaks, which ones have you skied?

Scott Hill- 10,116ft
Tri-County Peak (Jupiter Peak)- 10,027ft
"Monitor Peak"- 10,009ft
Silver Peak- 10,006ft
Jupiter Hill- 9,998ft
Desolation Peak (also called Ninety-Nine 90 or Peak 9,990 - 9,990ft
"Square Top"- 9,770ft
Murdock Peak -9,602ft
Park Mountain- 9,363ft
Bald Mountain- 9,346ft
Flagstaff Mountain- 9,213ft
Iron Mountain- 9,018ft



On a side note, starting Saturday morning no one should be skiing terrain that looks even remotely close to this as there is currently an Avalanche Watch posted for all of Utah's northern mountains.