Seven Stunning Utah Chairlift Rides

By Yeti Mar 2, 2017
With no shortage of striking peaks and sprawling terrain, these photos show off some of our favorite views from the comforts of a cushy chairlift ride.
Seven Stunning Utah Chairlift Rides

Utah's 14 resorts offer some incredible skiing. From moguls and groomers to chutes and drops, you'll be hard pressed to find more accessible and diverse terrain anywhere. If that's not enough, the lifts you use to get to all that fantastic skiing offer some of the most spectacular views around. 

With no shortage of striking peaks and sprawling terrain, these photos show off some of our favorite views from the comforts of a cushy chairlift ride.

Supreme Lift, Alta

Scope all kinds of lines from the top of Utah's classic Little Cottonwood Canyon. 

Stats & Views: Panoramic views of Mount Superior and Twin Peak summits paint a jagged ridgeline against a bluebird sky while you are whisked up to 10,595 feet. After unloading, choose your way down some of the best terrain around, including top notch moguls, groomers, and gnarly chutes.

Lift Conversation: Don't be surprised to hear stories of "the good old days" or plans to hit secret stashes.

Olympic Tram, Snowbasin

Lose your breath as you ascend to the top of what was once the start of the downhill ski events in the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

Stats & Views: From the top, enjoy 360-degree views of the Wasatch Range and the Great Salt Lake, then let loose on the definitely-not-for-beginners run and feel your heart jump into your throat as you harness your inner Bode Miller and descend from 9,500 feet. The eight-person car gets a little cozy, but the eight-minute ride to the top offers a perfect perspective to appreciate the steepness of the run below, not to mention pristine views of the landscape sprawling out from the resort. 

Lift Conversation: It's not unusual to hear fellow passengers' worried conversations about how on earth they are going to get down. Or did you know that Olympians reached speeds near 80 mph on the upper section of this downhill course. 

Jordanelle Express Gondola, Deer Valley

Breathe in the winter air while gazing out across a beautiful mountain lake and the distant Uinta Mountains.

Stats & Views: The gondola offers a panoramic shot of Heber Valley and Jordanelle Reservoir all along the smooth five-minute ride to the peak. From the top, look out across the rest of the resort and peer down into Park City from your 7,930-foot perch.

Lift Conversation: Speculation about whether or not you'll run into a celebrity (and which one you're hoping to).

Great Western Express, Brighton

Views for days. Look closely, and you might be able to pick out runs and lifts at Solitude, Alta, and even the top of the tram at Snowbird.

Stats & Views: Spanning from base to summit (1,748 vertical feet), the lift allows for seven minutes of extended photo opportunities before you have to raise the bar and put your phone back in your pocket. Underneath the lift, several beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs trickle down from the 10,504 foot peak, making it a great lift for the whole family.

Lift Conversation: Friendly games of ski resort "I Spy" interjected with debate on who went the biggest on that last jump.

Giant Steps Express, Brian Head

Appreciate desert skiing at its finest, while shredding some of the deepest, driest snow around. 

Stats & Views: Southern Utah is not known for an abundance of skiing as much as it is for stunning desert terrain. Brian Head shows off both, offering views of gorgeous red rock cliffs covered in fresh Utah powder. Get a bird's eye view of desert peaks and valleys from the 10,970 foot summit. With the highest base elevation in Utah (9,600 feet), Brian Head offers the perfect combination of great scenery and other-worldly skiing.

Lift Conversation: Not much to hear on this ride, everyone is too stunned by the unique beauty of skiing near this red-rock landscape. 

Ray's Lift, Sundance

Take in the true austerity of the Wasatch underneath one of its most impressive summits—Mount Timpanogos.

Stats & Views: Perched beneath one of the Wasatch Range's most iconic peaks, Ray's Lift offers a chance to revel in the glory of all 11,752 feet of Mount Timpanogos. Stare in awe for eight straight minutes as the lift delivers you to the top of the front mountain, or enjoy watching beginners get the hang of it on the run below the chair.

Lift Conversation: Mom/Dad can I have my ski treat now? (Perfect for beginners with slow, steady groomers underfoot, crash courses in ski and board basics, including how to properly get off the lift are often overheard).

The Tram, Snowbird

Wrap your head around the sheerness of the Wasatch from one of its most iconic fixtures

Stats & Views: While the Tram offers a single green run amidst a collection of intermediate and advanced terrain, one should still be comfortable with steep groomers before embarking on this vertigo-inducing ten minute ride. That being said, if the staggering, beautiful terrain seen while enjoying the 2,900 vertical foot trip gives cause for concern, there is always the option to ride back down. And might we recommend grabbing a bite at 11,000 feet before returning to the base?

Lift Conversation: Last one down is a rotten egg! Excited chatter and careful planning of the next run down the Cirque, not to mention the operator's obligatory spiel prior to unloading.