December Dreamin' at Powder Mountain

By Sideways Stories Dec 23, 2016
A quick overview of how good Powder Mountain is right now.
December Dreamin' at Powder Mountain

As we have found ourselves in a bit of a storm track so far this season, Utah resorts have been receiving an above average amount of snow for December. Reports of of more that 30 inches of fresh had been coming from some of the resorts in the northern Wasatch, which spiked my level of curiosity. Having sampled the goods at some of the Salt Lake area resorts, it was time that a handful of us cruised north to our favorite little resort that is really not so little.

Powder Mountain, which is tucked away above the Eden Valley is famous for its off the beaten track vibe and access to seemingly endless powder turns. I headed up north with a group of friends from Milosport snowboard shop in Salt Lake City with the only expectation being to have a good time. little did we know that our expectations would be blown out of the water. The terrain at Powder Mountain is especially fun for snowboarders, with its tight trees, open bowls, fluted gullies and natural jumps, which seem to be never ending. Every inch of this dreamy snowboard terrain had been blanketed in two feet of Utah fluff, and we were about to find out how good it really was. 

Upon our arrival, we were told that the resort's infamous road run "Powder Country" would open that day. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the layout of Powder Mountain, I will explain how this funky place works. In essence, the resort is laid out in an upside down format. You park your car at the top and you ride down into the numerous canyons and drainages that criss-cross the plateau. In most instances, you ride to the bottom of a chairlift in order to get back to the top. In the case of Powder Country however, you ride down into the canyon which houses the access road that brings you to the resort. In order to get back to the chairlift, Powder Mountain has a dedicated, friendly and charismatic group of bus drivers that shuttle powder hungry riders from the road to the lift all day long. 

As luck would have it, we rolled up to the gate to Powder Country just as it was opening and proceeded to have help ourselves to our fair share of pre-Christmas pow. The feeling that you get standing on top of the ridge while looking down toward the road with nothing but untouched snow in front if you is a unique experience in the state that only Powder Mountain can provide. As the day progresses you just simply move one line further up or down from the one you just rode, ensuring fresh tracks all day long. With laid back vibe of the resort, you can take your time enjoying each run, one turn at a time. There is no fear of missing out and you are allowed to go at your own pace without the fear of losing a precious pow turn here and there. The whole experience is something that has been lost in a lot of other places. 

As if the opening of Powder Country wasn't enough, this week is also the opening of Powder Mountain's two newest chairlifts. With the opening of Mary's lift and the Village lift, the resort will have pulled off the single largest ski resort expansion in North American history. There will also be a skier/snowboarder cap each day, allowing only a certain number of people on to the mountain, ensuring that everyone will have equal opportunity to catch the turns of their dreams all day long. With more snow on the way, maybe its time to wax up your stick and go explore some of the 8,400 acres of terrain that Powder mountain has to offer. Honestly, what could be a better way to spend your holiday than by ripping endless acres of powder with no one to bother you?