Growing a Skier at Brighton: One of Utah's Favorite Resorts for Beginners

By Growing A Skier Apr 11, 2018
Brighton's DEEP history of teaching many Utahan's to ski and ride is one reason why so many locals call Brighton their home mountain.
Growing a Skier at Brighton: One of Utah's Favorite Resorts for Beginners

When you show up to Brighton at 9:30 a.m. on a weekday, don't be surprised if part of the parking lot is full of minivans and SUVs with loaded ski racks. While there is certainly a population of die-hard locals that are after Brighton's deep snow and wild terrain, there is also a large population that love Brighton for the Snow Sports School. Many Utah locals learned to ski and ride at Brighton, and are naturally extending that legacy to their children. The Brighton Snow Sports School knows how to make it FUN to learn to ski and ride. 


Huck Putting on Ski Boots

Several parents drop their kiddos off at the Snow Sports School in the morning, head out to rip it up on Great Western or Millicent and meet at the end of the day for cocoa. These people have it down to a science. 

Huck putting on his skis

A Variety of Beginner Terrain

Once your little one has mastered the magic carpet, they'll start begging for new areas to explore. You can easily spend a day together checking out the Explorer lift chasing polar bears (trust us, it's the most fun way to learn to link turns down the hill) and if you're feeling adventurous/ambitious, taking a trail or two through the trees. 

Brook and Huck on Carpet

After your little one graduates from the Explorer lift (and builds some muscle), check out the Majestic lift. The beginner runs down the Majestic lift offer the length and variety of terrain that will make your little skier feel like the king (or queen) of the mountain. 

Brook and Huck on Ski Lift

Learning Based on FUN

Don't be surprised when you ask your child's teacher what they'll be working on that day and the teacher answers that they'll be focusing on having FUN.

Huck Blowing Bubbles

The Brighton Snow Sports School uses skill based games to make your little ones fall in love with skiing and riding. Your teacher will likely show up with bubbles, a clown nose, and will have your tot dancing on their way down the hill. 

Huck Skiing Down with Arms Raised

The staff at Brighton attends workshops from experts in sports psychology to learn how to increase confidence and competence in their students and how to maximize their developing love for skiing.

Ideal for the Entire Family

Kids ski for free at Brighton until they are ten years old. That's right, I said TEN. 

Huck Smiling

Whether mom wants to rip it up with her girlfriends in the Girl Power Workshop, or dad wants to spend a day exploring Great Western or the terrain park, there is something for everybody in the family. Check out Brighton's program that combines lessons, rentals and lift tickets at a discounted price through their Brighton Little Rippers program or the Brighton Young Shredders program.

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