Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts For A Skier

By Local Lexi Nov 27, 2018
The snow is falling, resorts are opening, and you have done approximately zero holiday shopping. Enter the skier's holiday gift guide.
Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts For A Skier

It’s that time of year again. The leaves have fallen, the snow is falling, opening dates are dropping, and you have done approximately zero holiday shopping. This is not a problem because Ski Utah has plenty of fantastic ideas for the skiing fanatics in your life. Take a quick read. Find inspiration and check a few things off your list with our Ski Utah Gift Guide | Gifts For A Skier.

A Tune from Sports Den

For the person that has don’t need to get them more stuff. Why not treat someone you love to a Signature Full Tune at one of our favorite local shops, Sports Den. This shop offers one of the best tunes in the valley and you’ll be ripping corduroy and sailing down powdery slopes sans core shots, dull edges, or slow bases after a quick visit to the Sports Den. What sets this shop apart? It’s the talented and knowledgeable technicians wielding the power of Wintersteiger’s best tuning equipment. Treat your loved one to Utah’s only stone disk and polish finish. I’d have a tough time imagining a better gift than flawless ski equipment performance; it’s the definition of joy! Sports Den also stocks a ton of excellent gear from undiscovered and favorite brands if you still need to complete some holiday shopping for outdoor lovers. If Sports Den isn't near you, here's a list of many other great ski shops in Utah!

GearDryer from

Busy families and vacationers to Utah alike could all benefit from one of’s newest products from the Utah-based company, GearDryer. GearDryer was conceived by a couple of Alta ski bums who were sick of crappy, expensive boot dryers. They hit the drawing board to develop this totally customizable and highly functional gear drying machine. It’s a cinch to dry two full skiing and snowboarding kits. That’s two pairs of boots, two pairs of gloves, two helmets or two pairs of goggles. In the off-season, the GearDryer pulls double duty as a quick and easy solution to dry just about any type of sports equipment or clothing. By eliminating the wetness and bacteria, GearDryer can help eliminate odor from your hockey skates, fly fishing waders, muck boots, hydration bladder, mountain biking gloves, running shoes and more. Thanks to the customizable ports and five timed drying cycles GearDryer is easily the most functional way to take better care of your gear (and battle the dreaded boot stench). 


Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Ski Boots

If starting the day with warm boots fresh off the GearDryer isn’t going to cut it with your cold feet, Rossignol can step in to help. Frigid feet mean fewer laps on the hill and that is simply not acceptable. Luckily, the folks over at Rossignol have just introduced their new Pure Pro Heat boot for ladies who refuse to allow poor circulation or downright deadly temps put a damper on their ski day. With adjustable flex up to 100, the Pure Pro Heat is ideal for women who love to ski and want performance. A powerful blend of precision and cozy warmth with merino wool insulation (goodbye stinky feet) in a functional boot that won’t see you heading inside early for hot chocolate. The heating system can be adjusted via Bluetooth with a handy app you can download to your phone. Set the temperature to different modes and enjoy the slopes. Rossignol can be found locally at Cole Sport, Lift House, Powder House, Sports Den and Ski 'N See


Ski Utah Gear

If you have folks on your list that are tough to shop for, chances are there is something in the Ski Utah Gear Shop for them. Ski Utah has all the bases covered from onesies for the newest baby in your life to a snazzy bike jersey for your favorite road warrior. If you’re really stumped, I recommend the Yeti gear, because who doesn’t love the Ski Utah Yeti? He (It?) is the bastion of hope and all that is beloved by powder skiers.

Stein Eriksen Residences

Backcountry Travel: Everything You Need

If anyone you love is venturing into the backcountry or accessing any one of the many backcountry gates that span the boundaries of Utah’s ski resorts, they should be equipped with both proper gear and knowledge. A great gift idea is an Avalanche 1 Training Course from White Pine Touring. This three-day course provides a foundation for safe backcountry travel with 24 hours of coursework on route finding, terrain assessment, decision making, and rescue techniques. As far as gear goes, the Pieps Avy Safety Set from Black Diamond is a great value for gear you should never venture into the backcountry without. Just a friendly reminder, you should never venture out of bounds without proper gear and knowledge, and always check the forecast from the Utah Avalanche Center.

Ski Utah Interconnect Tour

Again, I’m definitely someone that prefers to give experiences over stuff. For a memorable time in Utah’s beautiful Wasatch Mountains, consider Ski Utah’s Interconnect Tour. This full-day experience is ideal for expert/advanced skiers (sorry, snowboarders ) to immerse themselves in the backcountry terrain, navigating between as many as 6 of Utah’s ski resorts. Two experienced guides will accompany a small group as they enjoy the character of each resort and venture out into backcountry to travel to the next resort. A delicious lunch will be provided at one of the chosen resort destinations and guests can expect to be awestruck by the beauty of Utah’s mountains. This unique gift will be a cherished memory forever. Connect with Ski Utah to learn more. 


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at 2nd Tracks

If you’re short on cash this holiday season, why not round up some old, unused gear and haul it off to one of 2nd Tracks’ two locations. You can sell your stuff and opt for cash or store credit in return. Then you can peruse their fully stocked racks on a hunt for stellar deals and killer steals. Not only are you certain to find something for somebody on your list, you’re also being kind to the earth by reusing gear and avoiding buying an entirely new product. You could also snag a gift certificate that is good for either gear or rentals at their sister store, L9 Sports. 


If going ALL OUT is your thing,  how about some time on a bird with Powderbirds? Heli-skiing is another one of those experiences you’ll never forget. The adrenaline rush of soaring in the helicopter, watching the landscape unfold beneath you at breathtaking speed can’t be underestimated. Then there’s the impossible anticipation of crawling out underneath the whirling rotors and hunkering down before a sense of serene peace unfolds along with the view from one of Utah’s many lofty peaks. However, you’re here for the snow, which is often referred to as the greatest on earth and there’s countless vertical feet of untouched powder below you. It would be hard to quantify the amount of joy this gift would bestow. It’s time to fly!