It's BIG - Deer Valley Burnishes Solitude's Shine

By Yeti Sep 20, 2015
There are 100 million reasons to ski Utah this winter. With over $100 million dollars in ski resort improvements coming on line for the 2015–16 winter check out the details of the emergence of the NEW Solitude Mountain Resort in the second of a four-part series.
It's BIG - Deer Valley Burnishes Solitude's Shine

It's BIG.  

4 of a 4 Part Series by Jeremy Pugh.

With over $100 million dollars in Utah ski resort improvements coming on line this winter, major changes to Utah's ski landscape are making history. This is the year to say you came to Utah.

Deer Valley Burnishes Solitude's Shine

Solitude has always been a locals’ hill. Generations of Salt Lakers have learned to ski and snowboard on its friendly slopes and we hope you’ll forgive us staying quiet on the openly kept secret of Honeycomb Canyon—on a powder day, its in-bound chutes can rival any day in the backcountry.

Still, we celebrated when we heard last year that Deer Valley had acquired Solitude. The marriage between a classic Salt Lake ski and snowboard resort and Deer Valley’s white glove guest services was music to our ears. Over the past summer the new owners replaced Solitude’s Summit lift with a high-speed quad and realigned the Apex Express chairlift to reduce the schlep to Honeycomb Canyon.

“It’s got some great bones and it skis big,” says Solitude General Manager Kim Mayhew. “But what’s really cool about Solitude is that it has something for everyone. There is great beginner terrain as well as hidden special places. Salt Lake grew up skiing here and we’re excited to continue that tradition.” 

Deer Valley’s longtime General Manager Bob Wheaton says while much will stay the same—snowboarders are still welcome and the Deer Valley green won’t replace the classic Solitude blue—we can expect to see the Deer Valley touch right away. 

“It’ll start right from the entry in the parking lot, with greeting and organization there,” Wheaton says. “That’s just how we do things at Deer Valley.” 

It’ll be an interesting commingling of resort cultures. For so long, the two resorts really have defied comparisons, the classic apples and oranges situation. But the hard cider of Solitude could use a subtle Deer Valley citrus twist, and we’re excited to see what’s next.

“I am so enthusiastic,” Mayhew said. “To be able to see Solitude as it is today and what it will be this winter is so thrilling. We’re going to give people an unspoiled, rugged mountain environment with a few more refinements and niceties. Deer Valley believes the littlest things make the biggest difference.”

Just a little twist on a classic resort.

A Quick Look at Solitude Improvements

  • Replacing the Summit double chairlift with a detachable high-speed quad.
  • Adding new run from the top of the existing Apex Express chairlift to the bottom terminal of the realigned Summit Express chairlift (upgraded to a high-speed quad), cutting down travel time to Honeycomb Canyon
  • Remodeling and a service upgrade for the Moonbean Lodge
Did we mention there are over $100 million dollars in Utah ski resort improvements becoming a reality this winter? Check out the photo gallery showcasing the new gondolas and hard work. Read more about the new Park City, the largest resort in the US, or check out the changes at Snowbird.