My Thank You note to Solitude

By Ali Jan 2, 2008
My Thank You note to Solitude

Dear Solitude,

It's New Year's Day! Although I'm a local, its been some time since we've seen each other. Today we decided it was time for a visit...what better way to start the new year? We got up to the resort around 9:30am today ready to face the cold and the crowds. You must have known we were coming, because you left us a great parking spot, brought the sunshine out, and had very friendly lifties working. Oh, and thanks for making sure we didn't ever have to wait in line today. Our first run took us from Sunrise over to Summit. The quiet Cathedral was tempting us with its untouched creamy snow, inviting us to take a taste...kind of like when you open a new jar of peanut butter and you just want to take a dip with your finger. It was deep and delicious. Thank you.

ali-trio (ali-trio)

We stopped in at the Sunshine grill to take a break and get some water and I heard a couple people talking about their experience at Solitude. Yes, I was eavesdropping. They were from out of town visiting and mentioned "I have had such a great time. We've already booked our trip for next year!". I smiled, glad that they were enjoying their stay, but then I thought, "do I really want them to come back?" If they don't know how to ski powder, of course.

base (base)

We took a few runs on the classic Eagle Express quad and loved it. The menu consisted of groomed runs, both steep and mellow, tree runs, and little jibs to be had by all. But the idea of fries wouldn't leave us so we gave in and stopped at Last Chance down by the Apex lift. I'm the kind of person that brings a granola bar and an orange because ski resort food is overrated and overpriced. We got a small order of fries. I was disappointed. Not because of the fries, but because we didn't get more! Next, we tried out the small park underneath the Moonbeam lift. I'm sure some resorts don't think its worth their time or its too dangerous to have a park, but I think its a good thing. It adds a little variety and gets kids (and adults) stoked with a sweet little air here and there.

essence (essence)

We grew up skiing at Solitude, but have strayed for a few years.

We feel like we have returned home.

Thanks for welcoming us back Solitude.

We'll come again soon.

Love, Ali