Sundance Kids Camps, Art Shack and the Spa

By Mountain Mama Jul 7, 2014
If you're looking for a day with something for the whole family, Sundance is the resort. Kids can go to all day camps, Moms can head to the art shack and spa, and Dads can mountain bike. One of Utah's most beautiful ski resorts is also amazing in the summer!
Sundance Kids Camps, Art Shack and the Spa

In my opinion, Sundance is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the US.  Robert Redford knew what he was doing when building this resort.  The low key, relaxing attitude he was shooting for certainly worked. From the moment you pull up into the small parking lot to the time you leave, you kind of check out into nature.  It is all about preserving nature and letting it calm you.  That is why year after year, we spend quite a bit of time at Sundance during the summer.  I love the hiking, but even if you just want to take a nice long chairlift ride to the top with a picnic, it is worth the time to do it.

On this day, I was so excited to finally enroll my kids in kids camp.  I have been coming to Sundance for years and have waited for Sundance to reintroduce the kids camp back to the resort.  This is the year!!!  As with all Sundance does, it is carefully planned out.  The themes all tie with nature, outdoors and learning.  Emily was really excited-she's my nature girl.  It is a long day, 9-5, but the day keeps moving.  The kids get their own water bottle, backpack, journal and camp shirt.  Good idea-everyone is the same and nothing can get lost.  The day starts with yoga at the base of Sundance.  Yoga, kids and you can imagine, he stood on his head, giggled, rolled around...but had FUN!  Isn't that really what it is about?  Every day involves a hike; some days have long hikes, some days have short hikes.  There is also an option for the older kids to do some mountain biking or horseback riding on certain days of the week.  The main class is held outside the outdoor theatre.  Hands down, one of my favorite traditions each year is going to the summer theatre.  After all, Sundance is founded by an actor and embraces the arts.  This year is Fiddler on the Roof and yes, we'll be going.  On this week, the kids studied art and nature.  They made paper, scoured the mountain talking about shapes and patterns and made birds.  Always along a theme...nature.In the meantime, I had lots of Mom time!

I am not artistic, so why not try something artsy.  I went to make jewelry!  The art studios are set up for jewelry making, pottery, drawing and painting, photography and glass blowing.  You'll want to get a reservation ahead of time and chances are you'll have a small class.  I learned how to pound silver, sodder, set stones, size rings and came away with a great piece of jewelry I made myself! There are also classes for kids, which include one of my kids favorites, print making.  After all that creativity, time to relax.

Where else would you go but the Sundance Spa.  Ahhhhhh, can you feel your shoulders relax, a deep breath and the stress escape?  There is relaxing music playing, the place is silent and the smells are filled with eucalyptus.  From the beginning foot soak through the massage to the time you walk out, it is brilliant. There are many choices of massage, body treatments, mani/pedis and you can even take the kids.  If you are interested in more of an extended experience, you can try the Wellness Menu.  You combine your massage with meditation, a nature walk and yoga.  It is a perfect menu to relieve all your stress and unplug.

To end my day, I did a hike.  Grab a sandwich from the deli and head up Ray's lift.  The lift ride is quite long to give you a feel for what Sundance is about, the views of Timp and the silence.  There are plenty of mountain biking trails along with hiking trails.  If you looking for something a little different, head up at night for a full moon ride.  If this is all too much activitiy for you, just take the time to drive up to Sundance, grab lunch and sit quietly at the base and enjoy the views.  I promise after your visit, you will feel just a little more relaxed.