The 5 Best Rossignol Men's Skis of 2022

By Courtney Dec 6, 2021
Developing a quiver of skis is important, especially if you love to ski in Utah. Enter Rossignol.
The 5 Best Rossignol Men's Skis of 2022

Developing a quiver of skis is important, especially if you love to ski in this state. And Ski Utah’s partner Rossignol makes quality skis across the board that are awesome on all kinds of terrain—from powder to hardpack.

I wrote about Rossignol’s 2021–22 women’s skis along with my experience testing skis for SKI magazine at Solitude Mountain Resort in an article earlier this month, and now it's the men's skis turn. As the snow starts to fly and the resorts are opening, it's the perfect time to snag a pair of new skis. Plus, Christmas is coming.

Here are five of Rossignol’s best options for every kind of skiing you plan on doing this year.


For the 12+” powder day at Snowbasin Resort
Rossignol Black Ops Gamer
Dimensions (mm): 146-118-141
Available lengths (cm): 176, 186
Radius (m): 22

This ski is a big boy—fat, burly and stiff—but if you're feeling strong from those pre-season boot camps, this is your ski. It’s perfectly wide with a 118mm waist and with a little muscle, you’ll have a blast on those blower Utah pow days. At high speeds, this ski will float you through soft snow and big bumps, but be sure to hang on—if you’re more of a beginner-intermediate skier, this ski might ski you.

sender tijpeg

For the 6” day at Alta Ski Area
Rossignol Black Ops Sender Ti
Dimensions (mm): 138-106-128
Available lengths (cm): 180, 187, 194
Radius (m): 21

Need a one-ski quiver in Utah? Look no further. This ski is playful and agile and can snap off turns like a boss, but also remains stable at high speeds. It will sail through those 6-8” powder mornings and then crush moguls and crud when the snow gets pushed around later in the day. So, if you need a ski to throw on the plane to do it all on your ski trip this winter, this might be your perfect buy.

Pro tip: If you’re more of a beginner-intermediate skier, Rossignol also makes the Black Ops Sender. It’s the same ski without a sheet of metal, making it a little more forgiving.


For your all-mountain cruise at Brighton
Rossignol Black Ops Escaper
Dimensions (mm): 128-94-118
Available lengths (cm): 156, 164, 172, 178, 186
Radius (m): 19 

The Escaper is a versatile all-mountain ski that scored positively across the SKI magazine test cards. It’s easy to ski—it goes from edge to edge quickly while arcing turns on corduroy and bouncing through bumps, while still being wide enough to pop through the ungroomed stuff. The testers recommend it at higher speeds, but if you tend to keep the throttle down, you’ll still have tons of fun.  

Pro tip: This ski comes in at under four pounds a ski, so if you're looking for a ski you could also slap a pair of backcountry bindings on for the intermittent skinning day, this is the ski for you.


For the hardpack day at Powder Mountain
Rossignol Experience 86 Ti
Dimensions (mm): 132-86-120
Available lengths (cm): 176, 185
Radius (m): 17

Full disclosure: I have this ski and it is so fun on those days in between storms. When it's chillier in the morning, I'll rail turns on groomers, and when it warms up, I'll pop into the chutes to find a few remnants of that last powder day. The ski is forgiving and playful enough that most beginners and intermediate skiers can happily cruise around the mountain, but has enough metal in its core that it will level up for more advanced skiers at high speeds.


For shredding groomers at Deer Valley Resort
Rossignol React R10 Ti
Dimensions (mm): 124-75-110
Available lengths (cm): 160, 168, 176, 182
Radius (m): 15

There are some days when you just want to carve turns on Stein's Way and chase NASTAR gates and for those days, Rossignol has created the React R10—a race-inspired ski that has evolved out of Rossignol’s World Cup line. So when you want to slay turns like Ryan Cochran-Siegle or Nina O’Brien, take out this ride and hit the gas. Just be sure to throw on the brakes near those slow signs and keep an eye out for other skiers and riders.

Have any more questions about what to buy or try this season? Shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’ll send along thoughts - @courtneyhark. Have fun on your new skis this winter!