The Beauty of Brian Head vs. the Thrill of Vegas

By Powderhound Cat Feb 16, 2011

So I got you psyched to ski Brian Head here, right? Have you told all your friends you heard it was worth the road trip? I loved the ease of throwing my gear in the car and making the short drive. You could even fly in to Vegas for the party and drive out for a days worth of turns no matter where you’re visiting from.

More than just the excitement from learning how simple a trip to Southern Utah’s Brian Head Resort can be is the feel of the mountain, the scenery, and the pull you’ll feel to stay, or at least have your next trip back planned before you leave.

I couldn’t stop hanging around the top of the mountain. The higher elevation rises above the tree line for some amazing slope lines and breathtaking views. I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Watch my video. After a great afternoon of skiing, I checked in to the Grand Lodge Resort. Phenomenal. I got a beer, and fabulous dinner, and a pool table all to myself. I ended the night resting my legs in the gorgeous hot tub. 

I woke up bright and early to make even more turns before putting away my ski gear and putting on my “Experts Only” tank top - it was 65 and sunny in Vegas! It was exhilarating to arrive in Vegas feeling healthy and happy, raving to anyone who would listen about skiing at Brian Head Resort! My friends who’d flown in were jealous.

DISCLAIMER - I am wildly addicted to Vegas. Might be my favorite place on earth. I run around town doing anything and everything, partying and celebrating with my friends. I’ve spent more birthdays there than anywhere else. You’ve done Vegas, you know.

But- I was thinking about skiing. In Vegas. My second night there, I WANTED to go to bed early so I could blaze a trail back to Brian Head and the Grand Lodge and get one more day in. I received calls while I was traveling, and everyone couldn’t believe I was talking about Brian Head more than Vegas. What had happened to me?

Well, the last day we were in Vegas, it got grey and cloudy. I knew it was a snow storm, and it’d be hitting Brian Head. Let’s go. I made it from Pai Gow to Pow Pow in that 3 short hours. Awesome fresh snow everywhere, followed by another great night in the Grand Lodge. Skiing Brian Head has completely changed the way I think about Vegas. I can’t picture a better trip than combining skiing and Vegas. Bachelor party, family trip, girls name it. I’m seriously encouraging you to consider the resort. Check out this great deal on a combo trip.

I’ll be back before the winter’s over, AND I’m planning a group trip back in the spring, since I didn’t get to try out the snowmobiling, and I can’t imagine how beautiful it is in warm weather. I’ll let you know!


*Let it snow*


Powderhound Cat